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  • .Asasin ransomware virus (Locky variant) is still spreading
    « on: November 21, 2017, 06:31:30 pm »
    The current variant of the Locky virus spreads with multiple malware campaigns
    that have reached thousands of users already.

    Inside the e-mail, you will most commonly see it pretending to be an
    email from DropBox to confirm your registration or something similar.

    These are some of the payload download sites, that you should not open
    and should close immediately if you see them open on your browser:

    • deltasec(.)net/iugftrs2?
    • shahanabiomedicals(.)com/iugftrs2?
    • henweekendsbirmingham(.)
    • ostiavolleyclub(.)it/iugftrs2?
    • agrourbis(.)com/iugftrs2?
    • dueeffepromotion(.)com/iugftrs2?
    • axtes(.)com/iugftrs2?
    • mastertenniscoach(.)com/iugftrs2?
    • likiihillschool(.)com/iugftrs2?
    • xploramail(.)com/iugftrs2?
    • nsaflow(.)info/p66/iugftrs2

    You can read more beneath:
    .Asasin File Virus (Locky) – Remove It and Restore Files
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