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Malware Removal Questions and Guides / Rapid V3 Rnsomware virus is on the loose
« Last post by Execute on May 22, 2018, 01:20:35 pm »
Rapid V3 Rnsomware is the third variant of the Rapid ransomware cryptovirus,
as it can be deducted from its name. The ransomware has already been reported
by multiple victims. After files become encrypted, a different extension will be placed
on each file which consists of five random symbols, which are different for every victim.

You can read more about the ransomware threat in the following article:

Remove Rapid V3 Rnsomware Virus – Restore Files

Malware Removal Questions and Guides / .PAUSA Ransomware Detected to Hit Victims
« Last post by Execute on May 09, 2018, 12:34:51 pm »
A new ransomware threat called "PAUSA" has been spotted to hit victims from different countries recently.
The ransomware is a descendant of the "STOP" and "SUSPENDED" cryptoviruses.
PAUSA ransomware encrypts files by placing the .PAUSA extension respectively.

In case you want to know more about this malware, you could visit the article linked below:

Remove PAUSA Virus – Restore .PAUSA Files
A week ago the Ukrainian Ministry of Energy was hit by a new ransomware,
which has also hit some Danish websites according to researchers.
The ransomware is called VevoLocker.
VevoLocker asks 0.01 Bitcoin for the alleged restoration of website-related files.

This is how the ransom note looks:

The VevoLocker ransomware encrypts files which have the following extensions:

  • .css
  • .htm
  • .html
  • .js
  • .php

If you want to read more about this threat, you can do so by checking out the related article listed below:

Remove VevoLocker Ransomware – Restore Encrypted Files
Over a dozen new variants of Exocrypt ransomware (aka XTC ransomware) virus are surfacing over the period of the last 2 weeks.

Some versions are functional and some seem to be still in development.
Below you can see a snapshot of one ransom note window of the Exocrypt virus:

The ransom sum that is demanded from victims is usually in the area of 50 British Pounds,
 but that can differ among variants, infected computers and could also change in due time,
 if any Exocrypt ransomware variant changes its pricing after coming out of development.

To read more information and see another variant of this virus showcase, read the article here:

Remove Exocrypt (XTC) Ransomware – Restore Encrypted Files

Best Regards,
hola buenas tardes me gustaria saber si puededn ayudarme con unos archivos corruptos que tengo, me sale esto en algunas partes del testo !~!1, garcias por su ayuda

Buenas tardes, TEKILA.

Could you provide more information? And please write in English if you can?

Currently I cannot find a ransomware virus that encrypts with the "!~!1"extension specifically.

Maybe it is a known variant of an old ransomware, which places different extensions to different victims.

If you have a text file with ransomware instructions - can you copy/paste the text?
hola buenas tardes me gustaria saber si puededn ayudarme con unos archivos corruptos que tengo, me sale esto en algunas partes del testo !~!1, garcias por su ayuda
Pathetic, but it works. And it is quite clever to be honest.
Internet and Networking Security / Re: GDPR Regulations - Information Thread
« Last post by Execute on April 19, 2018, 05:01:01 pm »
I suppose that some of the major Internet services will continue to operate in the same manner. They will always find a "legal backdoor" to hijack our personal data for profit's sake.

Unfortunately, I feel like that is very much true...
Web Browsing Practices / Re: What browser do you like and feel secure to use?
« Last post by Execute on April 19, 2018, 04:57:02 pm »
It seems that in Firefox many extensions don't work with Quantum and most of the new ones are not compatible with the older versions of Firefox (like AdBlocks, link redirect control and other general security ones). Not to mention that you have less and less accessibility to security and privacy preferences from the options menu.

Google Chrome keeps hiding some of its developer tuning settings, which is annoying and to some you don't have access to anymore.

Most of the stocks for the Opera browser were sold to corporations in China, and some Opera updates, contradict past ones (like the removal and re-appearance of the in-built VPN option for instance).

Edge - it still works to download other browsers, so all is well here. :D

Maxthon changed too - it might be a bit faster but they added ads and a profile, which is a bit annoying.

I haven't yet tried Midori, but I might soon. Currently no browser I have used can give me the protection I need, but truthfully, a browser is generally made for browsing, it is our fault that we want to browse "safely". :)

Best Regards,
PC Tips & Tricks / Re: Effective Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows Users
« Last post by Martin on April 19, 2018, 04:38:42 pm »
Its funny that I recently discovered the Windows Key + X shortcut and now I'm addicted to it.
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