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Hmm, that is quite interesting. Sad that you couldn't recover files with Recuva. Just don't reformat the drive so you could keep trying such Data Recovery programs. That is indeed helpful information, but can't really remember a ransomware that did that. If I remember anything I will be sure to write about it here.
Thanks for your reply, the new names files are numbers and letters without any sense, and also the extension of the archives are the same.
Also, the archives are stored in a hard external disc (usb conexion), and no message is showing after the attack.
All it's very strange but after using a recovery tool to missing archives, I could descover that the original archives were deleted at the same time were created the new encrypted archives (the time of the two actions are the same). Unfortunately, I could'n recover the original archives with the program RECUVA (and also another more that I tred).
I hope this information add data to your diagnosis. I read your suggested article, but don't match with my case.
I ran the decrypter program on a small portion of encrypted files and it worked!! I am now going to work on decrypting a larger set of files we had saved in case a decryption program was created that worked. There are a huge set of files we were waiting on to decrypt that will save us a lot of headache in the future. A BIG THANKS goes out to the creators of the decryption program.!!
There is now a DECRYPTION TOOL released for the .wallet variant of Dharma ransomware!
It might work for the Sanctions virus, so you should definitely try it!

Check out the instructions for it in the article:
Decrypt .wallet Encrypted Files for Free (Dharma Update 2017)

Best Regards,
Software Reviews / Re: Android Data Recovery Pro, Android backup needed
« Last post by Ankurstellar01 on May 17, 2017, 06:04:30 am »
 you can also look for Stellar Data recovery tools they are easy to use and install.
 have a look Even you can get offer and a free version to check.
Malware Removal Questions and Guides / Re: Encryptor_Raas
« Last post by Abhi on May 15, 2017, 07:18:20 pm »
Me to is waiting for the solution of that ransomeware ..... encryption ! ..... i have backup my encypted files ..
i have tryed Brute for But useless  :( :( :(
Do you think that new attack campaigns are going to be launched soon?
Yes, thats because everyone have a backup planes expect some who don't have mind and dont keeps backup of your data ,and have to pay ransomeware ! LOL
yup they are many chances of that as i to have noticed some such talk in USundernet IRC.
This is definitely not the end of it. Who knows what tactic the ransomware developers will try next.
Also, other ransomware viruses might try to imitate this one and spread via different ways.
Just be careful and do not open email attachments from unknown sources...
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