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I have heard that Siteground provides 24/7 support and they have an uptime of 99.9% for a relatively cheap price compared to competitors.
I was wondering if that is all of the time or somebody has had mishaps with them or an interesting story to share about the Siteground experience?
Static site generators are one of the trendiest topics in web development. They allow administrators to create sites using simple text documents and configuration files. One of the key advantages they have over traditional systems is that they are much faster and more secure.

This article explores the top 10 hosting services for 2018 where you can deploy projects.
Last year, we at STF have done thorough research to find which Internet hosting services are the most trustworthy for Australia.

You can vote in the above poll, which hosting is best for Australia, according to you.

You can find more about the hostings and according to what criteria they are categorized as they are for 2017, from here:

Best Australia Web Hosting Service That You Can Trust (2017)

The question is does this classification is still on point?
Everybody can join the discussion whether it is a past or current customer for these or other hosting providers. You can also share what you have heard about any of the hostings or what fame they have among users in your community...
Web Hosting Discussions and User Experience / UK's finest Web hosting providers?
« Last post by Execute on July 16, 2018, 04:33:37 pm »
We at SensorsTechForum have done quite a bit of research to find which hostings in the United Kingdom are currently the most secure.
Below you can find a detailed article which reviews each of most secure hosting services in the UK:

The Most Secure UK Web Hosting in 2018 (Speed, Security, Support)

If you like to add any hosting or information about a hosting, you can write in this thread and share your opinion or even add a custommer review for any hosting that covers the UK and the surrounding area.
Finding a secure web hosting provider for a site or Internet service can seem like an impossible task. It's not something simple as there are many technologies that form the basic building blocks of a secure solution. There are several key points that every site owner must consider:
  • Online Backup Services
  • VPS Server Option
  • SSL Certificates
  • Hacker & DDOS Protection

Read all about the most secure web hosting offers for 2017 in this article.
I am wondering if there are better hostings that I don't know about for Germany...

You can visit the following article to see one of the most popular Web Hostings for Germany:

Best Germany Web Hosting Service You Can Trust (2018)

If you have experience with any German hostings that you like to share or you think you know a fast and cheap provider for that country specifically, write below and share your thoughts. In case you find any hosting that is cheaper and provides a great service, please do not hesitate to write about it!  :)
Currently lots of threats related to either Microsoft or the Windows operating system seem to be resurfacing, containing new features or implementing old tactics.

  • A prime example would be the Win PC Repair 2018 rogue software tool that lies to you that you have lots of malware and infections on your computer.
  • Another example is the survey-based scam aiming to install a program on your PC (such as the one mentioned above) or steal data/credentials from you. The scam comes with the message "You have won (1) Microsoft Gift today!" and has different variations.
  • Scam that feature a tech support number, allegedly for Microsoft are fairly common as well. These are getting more sophisticated in terms of design, description, images, URL links, etc. To name one that is done more "professionally" - Scam. This type of scams is often with a low longevity as probably new ones come out a dozen a week, but the more complex ones can stay for months or even years without changing their domain.
  • „Windows Is Resetting Itself“ PUP is a bit different as it is triggered by a Trojan horse in most cases, yet it loads web pages in your browsers.

As Microsoft Windows is the prevailing operating system, it is normal to see more threats related to it on a daily basis. Malware is ever evolving and old malware seem to become quite efficient again with just a few new tricks and tweaks. Beware of these and other threats as you inform yourself by reading the examplary articles written above.

Best Regards,
Malware Removal Questions and Guides / Sepsis Ransomware has a Decryptor now!
« Last post by Execute on June 19, 2018, 10:53:57 am »
The malware researchers Michael Gillespie and Francesco Muroni joined efforts and made the decryption tool for Sepsis ransomware a reality. Unfortunately the malware itself is bugged, so the last 16 bytes of files are impossible to get decrypted. If you wish to give the decryptor a try and read more about the ransomware, you can visit the blog article from the link down below:

Remove Sepsis Ransomware – Restore .SEPSIS Files
It seems that malware researchers have uncovered a new variant of the Satan (RaaS) ransomware, called "DBGer".
The new ransomware encrypts files while putting the ".dbger" extension to them, as well as a prefix,
which turns out to be the cybercriminals' support email address used for contacting them.

The virus comes from the old ransomware family "LockCrypt" which locks quite the number of file extension.
In addition to all of this, the cryptovirus uses the EternalBlue SMB and Mimikats Exploits, which makes it all the more dangerous.

If you want to see more details about this threat and how you could restore some data,
visit the blog article linked right down here, containing this kind of information:

Remove DBGer Ransomware – Restore .dbger Files

Best Regards,
Malware Removal Questions and Guides / Re: badbios is real
« Last post by Execute on June 06, 2018, 03:18:13 pm »
If what you are saying is true, then I really don't know why you would be targeted like that. I mean, to be targeted by the government, you or your family must be special in some way to the government. Or if you are saying there is no purpose to these personal attacks and they really just harass people and test technologies on people in this way like they are some lab rats, then that's indeed very bad.

Sadly, I don't know what you could do.

Have you tried disassembling your devices? Or moving away from your home with AND without these devices to see if there is a different effect? Travelling for a month? Have you called the police, for them to do a scan of your home for any devices or strange electronic behaviour telling them you are suspecting criminals to making your life hard?

And you said you will make some movies - can you please do make some and upload to a video site?

Best Regards,
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