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Title: $100 Amazon GiftCard - EXPIRED
Post by: sensadmin on October 23, 2015, 04:17:42 pm
We are PC security lovers. We unravel any web threat down to its roots and that’s all we do - all the time.

So, we’d love to connect with other such web security geeks.
Maybe we can share experience on malware.
Maybe we can just be friends.

Just  stop by and say hi.   :D

As a start, we’d like to give away a $100 Amazon gift card to “thank you” for joining our web circle.

Just follow the steps below:

The Giveaway

1. Register for the giveaway via your email address, Facebook or Twitter profile by clicking on the banner.
2. Follow, tweet and/or visit our social media pages. Every action is an entry. The more the entries, the bigger your chances to win.

The Winner

On November 12, 2015 we will announce the winner who will be notified via e-mail. If the winner does not reply within 3 days, we will not send the $100 Amazon Gift Card and will choose another winner.
By participating in this giveaway via your email address, you agree to have your email address used for future marketing activities by SensorsTechForum.

ENDED on 12.Nov.2015 !!!
Title: Re: $100 Amazon GiftCard
Post by: sensadmin on November 19, 2015, 03:58:23 pm
SensorsTechForum's Giveaway is over and here is the WINNER !!! (