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Battlefield 1 torrents and cracks spread WinRarer ransomware
« on: November 03, 2016, 05:12:04 pm »
The WinRarer ransomware locks all your files with the help of WinRar.
It places the files in a single .ace archive that is password protected.

There is a rumor spreading around the Web, that the ransomware can infect a PC when a user downloads a "crack" or "torrent" for a game, like Battlefield 1. That is of course if users seek a pirated copy of the game.

Usually that happens with games that have Denuvo protection. In other words - they are very hard to cracked, even months after the release of a game - everything that is presented as a "crack" or "torrent" might be fake (and probably delivers ransomware as the case here). Besides, pirating games is illegal and shouldn't be endorsed.

You can read more about WinRarer in the blog article: WinRarer Ransomware Removal.

If you have been infected by the ransomware, you should read the article for more information and to learn how you can remove the virus.

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