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Title: Beware of Erebus ransomware - not a classic RPG game
Post by: Execute on January 04, 2017, 02:15:16 pm
Erebus is a ransomware cryptovirus that is not with a game theme, but its payload file
is promoted as an old, classic RPG game with the file being less than 1 MB in size, named "Erebus.exe".

The cryptovirus will lock your files while putting the .ecrypt extension on them.
Another thing to note is that the name of the ransomware is also the name for the Greek God of Darkness.
If you search that by name, you might see an image with the character "Prince of Persia",
although that may not be ralated at all to this cyber threat. To read more about it,
visit the corrsesponding article about Erebus Ransomware (

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