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A new variant of the infamous Jigsaw ransomware has been discovered by researchers.

The payload file is called Xbox-One-Mod-Menu.exe which suggests that the malware could have targeted gamers who were trying to get a menu mod on a USB flash drive, and then launch it via that USB on the Xbox One console for a game such as Grand Theft Auto V/Online.

As that name is fairly popular among gamers wh use such mods and might even have an exact match with legitimate, existing mods, this is a clever way to get the systems of these people encrypted.

The good news is that the existing decrypter for the Jigsaw ransomware has been updated by Michael Gillespie to support decryption of all files with the .contact-me-here-for-the-key-admin extension.

You can read more about the ransomware virus and get the decrypter on the page of the related article: File Virus (Jigsaw) – Remove It and Restore Files