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Title: Red Alert Virus - Ransomware disguised as NFS cracks
Post by: Execute on January 05, 2017, 03:35:06 pm
Red Alert is now the name of a ransomware cryptovirus which does not have a game theme after it encrypts.
However, one payload file of the virus, responsible for the infection is presented as an executable with "NFS" in the name.
The reason for that could be that some gamers download cracks for the Need for Speed series of games to try them.

The cryptovirus will encrypt your files while putting the .locked extension on them.
Red Alert was also the name of a trilogy from the "Command and Conquer" game series.
Although that last bit doesn't seem to be hinted as anything to do with the ransomware, it might turn out to be true.

To read more about it, visit the corrsesponding article about Red Alert Ransomware (

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