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Microsoft Windows Scams and Related Threats on the Rise
« on: July 02, 2018, 06:00:53 pm »
Currently lots of threats related to either Microsoft or the Windows operating system seem to be resurfacing, containing new features or implementing old tactics.

  • A prime example would be the Win PC Repair 2018 rogue software tool that lies to you that you have lots of malware and infections on your computer.
  • Another example is the survey-based scam aiming to install a program on your PC (such as the one mentioned above) or steal data/credentials from you. The scam comes with the message "You have won (1) Microsoft Gift today!" and has different variations.
  • Scam that feature a tech support number, allegedly for Microsoft are fairly common as well. These are getting more sophisticated in terms of design, description, images, URL links, etc. To name one that is done more "professionally" - Scam. This type of scams is often with a low longevity as probably new ones come out a dozen a week, but the more complex ones can stay for months or even years without changing their domain.
  • „Windows Is Resetting Itself“ PUP is a bit different as it is triggered by a Trojan horse in most cases, yet it loads web pages in your browsers.

As Microsoft Windows is the prevailing operating system, it is normal to see more threats related to it on a daily basis. Malware is ever evolving and old malware seem to become quite efficient again with just a few new tricks and tweaks. Beware of these and other threats as you inform yourself by reading the examplary articles written above.

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