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Title: Bad Rabbit - the Petya.A Ransomware version cripples systems
Post by: Execute on October 26, 2017, 03:45:32 pm
Yesterday, on the 25th of October, a new ransomware emerged crippling systems in a few countries, based on the Petya.A ransomware. Bad Rabbit is how the new ransomware string is dubbed.

The ransomware has a lot of its code copied from the previous Petya ransomware, and researchers confirmed their relation.

Ukraine, Turkey, Russia and Bulgaria were the countries that were the countries hit by the ransomware yesterday, and still recovering from the attack. More countries could be affected in the near future. Some government computers were infected, airports and others.

Read more technical details about the Bad Rabbit ransomware and information on what you could do to try and restore data on your computer here:

BAD RABBIT Ransomware Virus – How to Remove... (