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CryptoShield Ransomware - Assistance Topic
« on: February 07, 2017, 05:00:51 pm »
CryptoShield is a ransomware virus spotted in the beginning of 2017 and since it came out has infected numerous systems. The virus encrypts files, adding the .CRYPTOSHIELD file extension. The files are encoded in ROT-13 mode with AES-256 algorithm and in addition to this, the ransomware virus also drops two ransom notes named # RESTORING FILES #.txt and # RESTORING FILES #.html. For the moment, there is no free decryption available, but work is being done to find gaps in the code and hence make a breaktrought.

This is an open support topic, regarding the CryptoShield Ransomware. If you want to ask questions on the matter, leave your opinion or simply ask for assistance, do not hesitate to write. We will make sure we reply objectively.
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