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how to remove encrytor Raas virus from my pc.

Encryptor Raas
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« on: May 14, 2017, 06:05:24 pm »
Hello this is my firstime to post here but i have no other options, so i decided to ask here hoping someone might resolve this trojan,

I've installed an application on my pc for my brother's project when right after the installation finished the wallpaper of my pc turns black i tryied to restart my pc, then after it restarted when open the newly installed app it pop ups an error, i open other files but the files seems to be encrypted because the content of the files appears to be a random symbols(i'm reffering to a text or .txt file) unlike those ransomware viruses that other users encountered, this one doesn't change the file extensions into other names (.lock .encrypt etc)

I already tried the application(spyhunter) that sensor techforum suggested but the app wont install, i think its because of that virus i also tried other methods like running on safe mode, safe mode with networkong and safe mode with cmnd prompt but they won't work i just end up into a black screen saying no signal, i've looked for other ways like the decryptor websites i visited but im not sure it will work because they arw design for other ransomware programs not the one that i got but if these ransomeware works the same like it has the pragramming language used or the programmer who made all those evil software is superman or who ever he or she is then the question is, does the decryptor works on any ransomware program.

Please can anyone help me?



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Re: Encryptor_Raas
« Reply #1 on: May 15, 2017, 10:18:08 am »
Hello @Christian,

not all ransomware viruses change the extension of files.
And you have done the right thing by restarting the PC - this stops the encryption process, so that at least some of your files remain unencrypted. The bad thing is that the encryption was already under way, so some of the files might not be fully encrypted,
meaning their encryption is corrupted and might never get decrypted.

If applications can't install, then the virus has crypted something crucial, or is still active and blocks certain installations, like security apps.

You have named this topic Encrypto RaaS - RaaS usually stands for "Ransomware as a Service".
As seeing German in your poll, I remember that there was a very old cryptovirus, called Encryptor RaaS.

You can read more about it in the article "Remove Encryptor RaaS and Restore Encrypted Files"

Tip: If you are thinking f re-installing Windows (I suppose you are with Windows OS, right?) you should first move the encrypted files to a secondary drive and reinstall the main one with the operating system. Also, you could try using Data Recovery Software first, because if you format your PC, such software won't work (if such an app can't install either - try finding a portable version).

Write back if you have found more information, have questions or if anything seems familiar from the article so we could identify the virus.

Kind Regards,



Re: Encryptor_Raas
« Reply #2 on: May 15, 2017, 07:18:20 pm »
Me to is waiting for the solution of that ransomeware ..... encryption ! ..... i have backup my encypted files ..
i have tryed Brute for But useless  :( :( :(