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Get Rid of HydraCrypt Malware and Restore Your Data
« on: February 05, 2016, 04:46:59 pm »

Experts have detected recent infections by ransomware also identified as the HydraCrypt virus. It encrypts the user files with the following extension:

.hydracrypt_ID_{random user identification number}

The malware is devastating because it may use an advanced encryption algorithm and may remove the backups of the infected PC. What is more, it could obfuscate its payload to sucessfully encrypt the files without any "hic-ups" cause by antivirus software. It has specific instructions which scare the user into leaking the files for sale in the dark web if the ransom money haven't been paid in 72 hours.

Users are strongly advised not to pay any ransom money and attempt to decrypt their data using decryptors or other software to get rid of the malware and restore their files. More information on the cyber-threat you may discover in the following article:

Remove HydraCrypt Ransomware and Restore ID Encrypted Files
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