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Title: Google Redirect Virus
Post by: Execute on November 24, 2015, 11:17:29 am
The Google Redirect Virus is still lurking around the Web, and is infecting more and more people.
It is a dangerous virus, because it hides in a compromised computer for long periods of time. It observes browsing activities and inserts scripts into search engines - mainly Google, but also Yahoo and Bing. The virus has other names like: Yahoo Redirect Virus, Bing Redirect Virus, Happili Redirect Virus, Nginx Redirect Virus. So, when using such engines, instead of clicking to see a search result generated from your search query, you are being redirected to sites with malicious content and other suspicious sites. Reports show that the redirects lead mostly to these sites:
This threat is still out there, infecting more and more computers, silently. There are a number ways of getting infected, but the most common ones are by opening malicious email attachments (without you knowing they are malicious) or by clicking on dubious links (be it out of curiousity or not). It is a big problem, as everybody who was a device connected to the Internet is exposed and everybody uses search engines on a daily basis. Do you know if you are infected or not?