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How To Decrypt Files Encrypted By Radamant Ransomware
« on: December 28, 2015, 09:53:24 am »
Ransomware Trojan going by the name of Radamant has been reported to encrypt user files with the .rdm extension. Users have reported that despite their efforts to restore their files by removing the .RDM file extension the results were not successful. Later on, the files were identified to be encrypted with a specific encryption algorithm, after which the ransomware leaves a ransom note with instructions of how to pay the ransom money for the file decryption.

You can find more information about Radamant ransomware here:

Remove Radamant Ransomware and Restore .RDM Files

It is strongly advisable NOT to pay the ransom money and continue funding cyber criminals and try decrypting the files directly. Users are also advised to immediately disconnect the computer from internet and their LANs(Local Area Networks).

Furthermore, Emsisoft have released a decryptor for this Ransomware variant and we strongly suggest downloading and using it to restore your important data:

EMSIsoft Radamant Decryptor

Finally, a good advise for you, in case you have been affected is to try decrypting more than one file and to use files that are smaller in size. You can also attach encrypted files in your replies by clicking on the + button under the reply`s body. We will make the files private so that only we may try to decrypt them.

This is an open forum discussion. The aim of it is to help users decrypt their files, which have been encoded with the Ransomware variant for free. We advise you to reply, ask questions, attach files and help each other, sharing experience.

Best Regards,

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