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Small Humanoids Discovered In The US - Facebook Scam
« on: October 06, 2015, 02:18:22 pm »
In case you saw a video, containing the aftermentioned photo, it is most likely a Facebook scam. The scamm pops up as a status update by a person in the user's friend list and it invites people ot click on an image resembling a stopped video. However, the video may transfer users to various unknown sites, one of which was reported to ask users to complete a survey prone to watching the video.

The photo itself is an acutal photo of an artist, creating miniature sculptures and people are advised not to believe any other versions related to it, even if it was posted by their friends.

Hoax scams are very popular on social media, due to the fact that they get many inexperienced users to click on them, wanting to make sure it is not real. However, once clicked on the URL, instead of getting a video they get a survey asking for information from them. Although it is no reported they may even give the scamming site permissions to post on their behalf to other users and this is one of the way this scam may spread.

This is an open discussion regarding the 'Small humanoids discovered in the US'  scam. You may share your experience with it, ask questions or help others.
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