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Remove Salam! Ransomware
« on: April 07, 2016, 03:56:34 pm »
Salam! Ransomware struck Lithuanians a few days ago, and this ransomware is continuing to spread.
In the picture below you can see the window that is generated with the ransom payment instructions:

The ransomware creates a .dll file - %APPDATA%\tribologists.dll, which helps it grow, after it has infected a computer.
The file should be detected by most anti-malware programs, but there might already be other versions with the .dll file having different names and sizes.

For the moment there is no known way to decrypt encrypted files, but you should try data recovery tools.

This topic is open for everyone to comment, share experience, ask for help, etc.
What do you know about this ransomware? Do you think it will spread across the World like others?