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Remove TeslaCrypt 3.0 Fully and Restore .mp3 Encrypted Files
« on: February 16, 2016, 05:19:17 pm »
The latest by TeslaCrypt is here and it does not mess around. It encrypts the user files with a mixture of 3 encryption algorhitms:

-ECHD (used most likely for encrypted communication).

More information on the encryption and on methods to decrypt your files, you may find in the following file restoration article:

Restore .mp3 Files Encrypted by the_H_e_l_p_RECOVER_INSTRUCTIONS Malware

We have provided an email address below in case you are affected by the malware. However, keep in mind that we will not respond you if there is no solution for the decryption of the files. However, we will try to decrypt your files if there is a solution or give you instructions on how to do it yourself. Keep in mind that it takes time and your patience is appreciated. Here is the address:

N.B. This is an open forum topic about the latest variant of TeslaCrypt. In here you may discuss the instructions, ask questions about the malware and share your experience or help others.