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Sear4m(.)xyz Browser Hijacker - Get Rid Of It from Your PC
« on: February 04, 2016, 05:10:11 pm »
A browser hijacker that uses the web page Sear4m(.)xyz is reported to be attached to users' web browsers and to change their settings. The hijacker sets the page as a new tab page and a homepage and may conceal a newly installed browser extension from the user. It may be distributed primarily via bundled installers of free programs downloaded online and through online downloading assistants.

In case you experience slow PC, see advertisements and have Sear4m(.)xyz set as the home page of your browser, it is crucial to act towards removing every file associated with it. For that to be successful we recommend referring to the following instructions:

Removal Instructions 1

Removal Instructions 2 (If the 1st method does not work)

This is an open forum topic. You may ask questions or help other people affected by Sear4m(.)xyz Browser Hijacker. You may also share your experiences with it. We will try to assist the best way we can.

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