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Title: Spora Ransomware encrypts files without renaming them!
Post by: Execute on January 31, 2017, 05:43:28 pm
Spora ransomware is a cryptovirus,
which is very sophisticated both in the way it is written and the way
it encrypts data on a victim's personal computer system.

Malware researchers believe that it may be massively spread,
such as the first iteration of Locky, seen February last year.

The ransomware still encrypts files,
but it doesn't put an extension to them,
nor does it rename them in any way.

If you are infected, you'll see the following message:


The message is seen in Russian and in English.
Spora ransomware was seen to infect users in Russia at first,
but then began to infect users worldwide.

The virus mainly spreads by attaching files
inside e-mails, presenting them as important.
The attachment is a .zip file with a .hta file inside.
If you open the latter, your PC is infected.
Other ways for its distribution can be used, too.

From the following link, you can check out the full article
about the Spora Ransomware Cryptovirus (