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Title: TRJ.DealXware.Stealth2 Pop-Up Alerts. Help!
Post by: mcinn on October 06, 2015, 11:17:14 am
Fake pop-up alerts about viruses is something every user has encountered at some point. One of the latest scams of that type is about a virus called TRJ.DealXware.Stealth2. The pop-ups will continue showing up even after the browser's history is cleared.

Additionally, a phone number is promoted - 1-844-618-6702. Keep in mind that calling it will not remove any threat. The number is part of a tech support scam that only seeks to exploit your credit card, and dump rogue software onto your system.

If you have encountered a fake alert saying something similar to "system detected a new virus", you are at the right place. Ask your question and we will help you solve the issue!