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Yes, we have experienced it. The awkward feeling when you have forgotten the username and password of your router and you are trying to access it to configure it or simply to change your router credentials. So, this is why we have prepared a helpful article featuring a simple step-by –step method to help you deal with this issue swiftly. Let’s begin!

Step Number 1: Get the default password of your router!
Since the default router passwords may vary, make sure to use this website to locate your router model and hence find the Username and Password:
Usually the default password and username  are either both admin or a username admin and the password field left blank.
Step Number 2: (In case you haven’t changed your router username and password)
Try to directly access your router to enter the username and password. You can do this by either clicking on this link:
or by looking in the back of the device for a sticker with the default IP for the specific  router you have.
Once you have the IP address, go to your web browser and type it in its address bar.
NOTE!!! In order for you to enter your router’s configuration, you need to have an active connection to it via Wi-Fi.
A pop-up will appear asking for your username and password. Enter the ones from the hotlink in Step Number 1 and you should be in. From there you can look up the router wizard, you can change the password and username, you can modify DHCP, DNS Settings, set a MAC Filter or simply change the router SSID to hidden, change its username or its password.
Step Number 3(In case Step Number 2 does NOT work): Reset your router.
In case you still can’t access the router i.e. the access credentials are change, you should hard reset it. To do this, locate the reset button in your router. Every router has one, it should look like this:

Make sure to press it with a paper clip or something hard and thin and hold it for 7 to 10 seconds. The lights will flash and the router should reset everything to default. After this is done, simply repeat Step Number 2 and you are in!
Happy accessing!
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