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What is VC_RED file in Windows? Should you remove it?
« on: November 08, 2017, 12:30:06 pm »
VC_RED is a file that is safe, legitimate and you shouldn't worry about.
Usually the file comes along with others, scattered across your main directory of disk drives.
Typically, those are the installation files for the Visual C++ Redistributable Package
(which VC_RED is like an abbreviation of, also found as vc_redistx86 or x64)
and are leftovers after the installation is complete. You can see how it looks like:

You can safely delete them if they are found on your disk drives without their own folder.
That package is related to how applications are run on your PC and is needed,
but it can be easily re-installed if you somehow uninstalled or removed it.

The tip is that you should remove the installation file scattered randomly,
but do not touch the files if they are inside a specific folder with a similar name.