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Hi, thanks, trying it now, but I want to know, how to I save the captured files when Wireshark begins scanning on startup. All i see is the command prompt activity but I don't know how to save this.

Hello guys, i have a problem. Yesterday a friend of mine that has some of my files on his laptop, because mine is broken got hit by some type of ransomware. The virus left a TOR address and when I opened it, it says Alma Locker. I uploaded an attachment to you. The virus also left "Unlock_files_" type of files that have random numbers and letters like Unlock_files_22ry8.html and Unlock_files_22ry8.txt. My files also have these random numbers as extensions, like picture.png.22ry8 and I cant open them. I read on other blogs that this is some sort of file scrambling, and I see that you know a lot about this ransomware issue on Discuss. Is it possible to restore my files and if so, how can I do this?

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