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I want to shed some light into this case.
av666@weekendwarrior55(.)com shit-ware even doesn't manage to encrypt everything, as then it would take ages to encrypt. Checking one txt file from a backup and comparing it to "encrypted" one i found that only first exactly 100 000 bytes is rubbish - all the rest is intact!

Perhaps rakhni decryptor tries to de-code everything and that's why we get rubbish - maybe we should touch only the first 100KB as the rest is good...

Edit by Admin: I have modified the link, so it's not clickable - just in case.

Rakhni decryptor seems to work somewhat, tells that it finds password after some time, but decodes rubbish from most files. Oddly though, several zip files seem to have been decoded successfuly.

here's one encrypted txt and jpg, as well as unencrypted jpg version :)

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