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Hi again :D I send you the link in PM, hope you guys come up with a solution to this ransomwares. Good luck with that and let us know in this thread if you discover anything  ;D

@Execute Wait, no, he's someone else  ;D
My friend's encrypted files are too large to attach, they are ~3MB each, should I put them in some cloud and post the link?

@Execute Thank you very much for your reply. Does anyone know how this cryptowall works? Does it delete the initial files first or just modifies them? Should I try to get them back with some Data Recovery tool?

English! Sorry I'm not good with hi ;D
Hi! Sorry for the English mistakes, I'm not a native speaker.

Firstly, let me thank you guys for willing to give some help with the fight against these encryption viruses.
Secondly, let me mention that I personally didn't have any problems like this, below are some of a friend's files. I know how to defend and prevent myself from this and other types of viruses. Seeing how serious this site is, I may do a mini-tutorial on how to clean your computer and how to keep it like that.

Now, to get to the problem, I have attached screenshots of the beginning of one of the encrypted files opened with notepad and also the Help_Your_Files.png where they give information about the virus. Unfortunately, the picture is in french, so I used an online png-to-text converter and translated it via google translate in English. Here is the result:

So now I guess the main problem is not the decryption of the files, but discovering what actual ransomware caused it. I don't think it is the bitcrypt as that is not the extension of the files. Any help of any sort is highly appreciated. Thank you again for this post.

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