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Hi, I am also fighting with .id-3113278688_johndoe@weekendwarrior55(.)com. RakhniDecryptor for .doc and .xls runs 2 days and "cannot recover password", for .mfd and .dbf does not run at all saying "Unsupported file type". For .jpg runs for 2 hours and "Password has been recovered succesfully". It shows that all the encrypted files have been decrypted. Now the files have the correct extension (with no  "@weekendwarrior"), but when trying to open, all of them are still encrypted (including the .jpg). I would like to send you samples of both encrypted and "Rakhni-decrypted" file. I have just registered to your forum and I do not know how or at what e-mail address to send the files.

Edit by Sensadmin: I modified the link, so it's not clickable or associatable with e-mails.

" Please, Miloss66 and mbuljan, can you look in the log file of rakhnidecryptor and tell the "Current state number" where it found the key? This can save us 2 days of computing. Thank you! "

It worked for about 24 houres. It said it had found the password, but nothing happened. I unchecked the "delete encrypted files after decryption" so the file that I wanted to decrypt remained the same. No other copy of that file was made (like a decrypted one). I ran the Rakhni tool under a VirtualMachine and someone else clicked ok after Rakhni finished (that person told me that the only option in the tool at the end was ok or close, with the message : Password has been found). The file is still encrypted. In the Rakhni log file the last current state looks like this:
 13:56:11.0288 0x02d0  Current state: 557976 / 1000000
I belive this is where it found the password. If so, how can I use this current state number to avoid "rescannig"?

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