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At my dealership, the Vice President got this DecryptorMax ransomware.  I have cleaned the computer, removed the important files, and installed a fresh copy of Windows 8.1.  I have secured her computer down to help prevent these types of attacks in the future and will be educating her as much as I can. 

With that said, I am still tasked with trying to get her files decrypted.  Among the files, she has her newborn baby photos from the last couple months and they are the only copy.  While we do have an excellent backup here at the shop with a RAID 1 and Cloud Backup with Versioning, her backup program hadn't been running and she kept forgetting to bring me her computer to fix this.  So, these files are very important, both baby photos and important business documents.

Thanks to Sensors Tech, they posted a new article about this specific ransomware today.  But, it looks like the only way currently to decrypt these files is to use Python/Linux.  While I have some Linux experience, I don't have Python experience.  I tried the AEP Pro program, but the programs informed me I'd need the password/key.  Kaspersky is yet to come out with a tool to decrypt .crinf extensions.  Removing the extension did not help either. 

I may try the Linux option in the near future, but am curious if anyone else has had any luck decrypting this bastard encryption.

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