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Malware Removal Questions and Guides / Re: badbios is real
« on: June 06, 2018, 05:56:33 am »
it is very possible that  i  have a fr version of that

Malware Removal Questions and Guides / Re: badbios is real
« on: June 05, 2018, 10:08:42 pm »
sorry if i make some mistake (my hacking problem is still there,
playing with my keyboard remotely

the common thing with all my devices problem is:

cpu overheating, process modificate almost in real time (crash apps, modifications not applied)

package intercepted and delivered to my home, some already opened (unboxed) and malicious code already embedded inside

when i had my first TRUE computer , 20 years ago ( i'm 34 years now) it was a packard bell a pentium 2 233 mmx with a ati rage AGP
with RAGE INCOMING in bundle (very good game ^^)

and when i powered on this desktop pc (it was windows98) my last name WAS already inside as user name .... and was only 14 years old

so yes it is a spying/surveillance/harassments

i remember that i was able to talk (tchat) with someone directly to my speakers (embedded to my screen not a lcd) without a microphone plugged in

it was modificated logically or physically  .... i'm not joking at all...

my land line phone was eavedropped , if i remember well it was just few times after i've made phone call to a personn who put a post on a video game magazine
to sold a video game (MDK from shiny), this man was in ALGERIA, i had mdk in demo only with my packard bell with swiv3D ...
 i think its the successor of super swift (a snes video game, i know i was a video game addict, i've played this game with a special us adapter on my PAL SNES  ^^)

the magazine was PCGAMER (in us or uk) and PCJEUX

and by coincidence, my landline was eavedropped the next day if i remember well ... and i live in the western part of FRANCE , in a small town,
redneck part of the FRANCE  and i'm a arab and now a muslim ....

the 2nd (strange) event was when i ordered 2 pairs of marc ECKO sneakers from NEW YORK on EBAY, the shoes took 2 months to come to my front door (no custom fees) but a
delivery man was angry for unknown reason and deliver the package ( totaly brutaly DESTRUCT  ) without any notification .... the shoes were ok but not the box


badbios =surveillance government .....TOOL nothing to do with hackers

Malware Removal Questions and Guides / Re: badbios is real
« on: June 05, 2018, 09:17:35 pm »

checkmymac its me
i had some issues with my passwords ( xss Attack, mitm Attack, hijack sessions....)

so i took another id^^ and create a mail from protonmail (not in usa) and proton vpn with securecore (more secure i hope)

i've found 2 other person with my problem (online) dragos ruiu and another guy BADBIOSVICTIM on reddit , and its exactly like me, but in my case (far more vicious)

sorry for my poor english (i do not come from the usa and do not live in the usa) so the badbios is not a USA only SURVEILLANCE/HARASSMENT TOOL

i will  try to show you that THE BADBIOS is NOT IMPOSSIBLE but VERY POSSIBLE

its a mix of malicious code injected remotely and a hardware transmitter (hardware trojan, triggered logically via an action of a computer user or triggered remotely)

its like a fileless attack , stealth to make you stop doing what you are trying to do ( it research, political engagement...)

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