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Just bought the sennheiser hd 820 , And the default sound from my PC and mobile is bottlenecking them, So I am looking for suggestions of good headphones output, I have my eyes on these because this one seem to be the latest of 2019 and I want an expert opinion if these are worthy enough to buy, The sony one is very expensive tho, Is it worth the price? Which headphone amplifier should I get? Thanks in advance.

Windows 10 / Re: How To Reset Microsoft Edge to Default
« on: April 29, 2019, 09:58:14 pm »
Thanks for the detailed guide.

Once I noticed my CPU usage was 99% all the time and the process that was using that was some sort of crypto mining virus. Installed Malwarebytes, scanned the PC and it removed it.
Same happened with me too. Was playing CS:GO and noticed that game is not even hitting 100 fps. Opened task manager and found out that some crypto mining software was utilizing 100% CPU

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