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Title: DriverFinder Software Review - Your Opinion as A User
Post by: mcinn on March 22, 2016, 02:38:25 pm
If you're experiencing issues and errors with your drivers, considering installing DriverFinder.

DriverFinder is an easy to install and use program that will scan your system and will locate all outdated drivers. The scan itself takes just a couple of minutes. Once the scan is done, you will see a list with information about the status of your drivers.

It's obvious that the developers of the program knew what they were doing. The program is designed to scan currently disconnected devices.

It also provides information about each driver - the version currently installed on your machine and the latest one that you should update to.

For more information:

Have you used the program, and if yes, do you like it? If you don't like it, can you recommend other similar software profucts?