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eSupport UndeletePlus 3 Program Review. Have you used it?
« on: February 22, 2016, 10:20:22 am »
With the emergence of ransomware, the file encrypting threat that encrypts files and demands ransom for their decryption, many users are facing the need to backup and recover their data. That being sad, the abundance of ransomware pieces has led to the development of many data recovery tools.

eSupport UndeletePlus 3
is such a program. Overall, it is a good and light program.

Here's a list of some of eSupport UndeletePlus 3's features:

  • It is quite small and installs fast;
  • The file restoration process has a good quality;
  • It has diverse settings;
  • It provides deep and smart scan features;
  • It has fast scanning mechanisms.

On the other hand, eSupport UndeletePlus 3 could have been better, if:
  • it had an option to scan files via different algorithms to increase the number of recovered files;
  • a free trial;
  • an on-demand scan.

More details:

Despite these cons, it still appears to be a good tool. Have you tried it?