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Ultimate Windows Tweaker - Good or Bad
« on: February 24, 2016, 05:01:27 pm »
Since The Windows Club has published a program a while ago designed to grant users quick access to complicated and sometimes difficult to discover Windows settings we have made a Software Review about it.

Here are some details about  Windows Tweaker:


  • Its light on the computer.
  • The software does not require installation.
  • Well-made settings.(Security, User Interface, etc.)
  • Easy methods for accessing different settings.
  • The software makes a Restore Point backing your PC before the changes on it have been made.
  • Its compatible with older versions of Windows.


  • Missing pop-up to prompt the user for approval of restart. Instead it just force resets the PC.
  • It does not have a display with live feed tracking changes on the user PC.

We would like to know what you guys think about Windows Tweaker and if you think its a well made program or a poorly made one. This is an open topic so you may ask questions as well.

Best Regards,
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