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It's not a secret that MS and particularly Windows 10 are aiming at collecting as much user data as possible. Even MS employees don't deny the Windows core data collection.

Fortunately, unhappy users are constantly seeking ways to destroy the Windows built-in telemetry and get a bit further from the Big Brother.

There are two tools that can be applied to put an end to the tracking: GWX Control Panel, and a Script for Windows 7/8.

GWX will rid your Win7/8.1 from the 'Get Windows 10 icon' that pops up as a notification in the down right corner of the screen.

It will also not allowing a covert download of Win10 installation files, and will seek and destroy the hidden Win10 installation files, if such are present.

The second one is a script for Win 7/8 that blocks all the telemetry updates out there.

The Script:

    -Disables gwx/skydrive(a.k.a. onedrive)/spynet/telemetry/wifisense;
    -Disables/hides windows 10 download directory;
    -Uninstall/hides 29 KB updates;
    -Disables 31 scheduled tasks (optional components that ‘phone home’ to Microsoft);
    -Uninstalls diagtrack;
    -Disables remote registry;
    -Blocks 188 Microsoft hosts (221 IPs);
    -Changes Windows Update settings to ‘check/notify’ instead of ‘download/install’.

It’s not relevant which tool you will use first.

You should note that after running the script, Windows Update may not work properly. The updates removed by the script may start reappearing aggressively, even when the 'Hide Update' option is applied. However, the script works just fine, but Microsoft will not give up on its Updates.

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