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MacX HD Video Converter Pro for Windows - Please Help
« on: September 11, 2016, 07:13:18 pm »
I have purchased the full version of MacX HD Video Converter Pro for Windows but cannot get it to work on my Windows 10 PC.

The first thing I noticed was that it did not create desktop and start-up icons during installation so I am wondering if it has installed correctly.

When I add a YouTube video and click on ‘Analyze’ it seems to go into a loop and fails to go on to the next stage, even if left for hours.

Digiarty Technical Support has been completely useless, their only suggestion in two emails being to download the latest version of the software which I did, even though I already had the latest version. They have not even replied to a third email which is poor service considering that I paid for their product.

The software is not user friendly and I cannot see how to use the common features that they claim it has. The ‘Help’ feature does not seem to be working either and the User Manual that I downloaded tells you what you can do but the instruction on how to actually do it are scant at best. Neither have I been able to get any useful YouTube videos with good instructions on how to use this software. Can anyone help, in plain non-geek language please or suggest a good instruction video?

I would warn people to be careful before spending money on this product as both the software and technical support leave a lot to be desired. Trying to use it is driving me crazy. HELP.



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Re: MacX HD Video Converter Pro for Windows - Please Help
« Reply #1 on: September 12, 2016, 11:15:45 am »
Hello @stolaire,

you mentioned that you didn't see the program to create shortcuts on your desktop - maybe it didn't install correctly indeed?
Have you tried uninstalling it, and then launching Safe Mode with Networking (Shift + Restart from the Start menu screen) and installing it from there? If you haven't yet - try that way.

Another thing you can try is to write Digiarty Technical Support using another email address as from a different user - explain that you have the latest version of the software and give specifics about the functions such as "Analyze" etc - see if that bears any fruit.

I, personally, have not used the program and do not know where the problem stems from. Write back with what has happened.
I urge if any user here has used the program to comment with their experience and if they can help in any way.

Best Regards,