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Windows 10 High Disk Usage (100%)
« on: November 10, 2015, 09:44:18 am »
Hello, I have a Windows 10 PC and it runs well, however when I check to see Task Manager I notice that there is around 90 to 100% usage of my Disk all the time. I have tried to establish why is that and I have tried to stop it but all that I managed to find is that it is caused by some kind of processes on my PC - wsappx, system, service host:local system, system idle process.

I am not quite sure what to do because not only the disk, but the CPU is becoming 100 percent at times. Please help me!



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Re: Windows 10 High Disk Usage (100%)
« Reply #1 on: November 10, 2015, 11:11:37 am »

Prepare because this Disk issue may be caused by several different services and there is even a chance that you may have an external program that may be causing it. Since you obviously know how to check your task manager, please try the following methods and after every method make sure to see if you HDD speed has been reduced. When it comes to the CPU speed, I have also provided some information below.
Method 1: Try to turn off your antivirus.
Your antivirus program may be interefering with your hard drive in a way. Try turning it off completely to see if there are any changes.

Method 2: Switch off several different services. Since there have been cases where the 100% disk usage was caused by online sharing services or others, such as the Windows Media Player one, try to do this:
1)Press WIN button + R.
2)In the pop-up window type services.msc
3)Look for a service, called Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service, right-click it and then click on Stop.

4)Right-click on it again then click on Properties and then choose Startup Type to Manual.
Try to look other non-important services to stop that may be causing active interaction or connection to your hard drive(file sharing, for example).

Method 3: Some users report that the aftermentioned services plus the onse you have identified may cause the 100 percent HDD usage so you should try and stop those that can be stopped and are not Windows critical:

MOM.exe; jqs.exe; CCC.exe; WindowSearch.exe; Windows Store Service (WSService), Client License Service (ClipSVC) and AppX Deployment Service (AppXSVC).

Here is more information on how to disable these:
1)Type WIN button + R
2)Type 'msconfig' in the Run window and press Enter
3)Go to the Startup tab and if there is a button 'Open Task Manager', click on it, and if there is, simply click on it, locate the processes, right-click them after which click on Disable.

4)Go to the Services tab and try to locate any services that may be causing issues to your computer.

Note that due to the uniqueness of the situation when these issues are met, there may be different processes causing your High Disk usage. This is why you should try to identify which service may be causing this to your computer by clicking on the Disk column in your task manager and locating the service or program name on the left side of the process name so you can stop it in 'msconfig'.

The System Idle Process issue.

When it comes to your System Idle Process that is taking around 90 to 100 percent of your CPU, do not be concerned about it, because it is meant to do it. This space is not occupied, it is actually idle. And it is perfectly normal. Your CPU is not actually on 100 percent, it just means that this proces has taken this space and frees it up every time a program has been started. Here is more information on it:

However, I would definetly recommend you to scan your computer for malware.

Here is a tutorial for several good anti-malware scanners that also detect potentially unwanted programs: