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Forgotten password for my Windows User account
« on: September 30, 2015, 01:41:39 pm »
Please help, i forgot my user password for my Windows User account. :-\ I am using a Windows 7 and I give my PC for reinstall of Windows but i cannot do it unless I copy my important data to my external HDD.



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Re: Forgotten password for my Windows User account
« Reply #1 on: September 30, 2015, 01:54:12 pm »
Hello, I am "never" and today I will be helping you!

One way to do it is by booting a live Windows version on your computer that has kits for unlocking system files. To do it, make sure you download these two programs first

Rufus -
qbittorrent -

After installing those programs, you should get an empty USB flash drive that has around 4GB of memory.

Then download this special live version of Windows. It has File unlocker and you will be able to access your files, despite user access:

You should have downloaded its image at this point. Install and open Rufus. Choose an image "Cereate a bootable disk using ISO Image" in the bottom of the Rufus window. It should have an image next to it, click on it, and it will open a file browser. Locate the Windows image choose it then click on Start. After the USB drive is done, go to your BIOS menu by quickly tapping on one of the following keys on system restart:

Go to Boot Options and select the External Device/USB boot option on the first place. After that restart and the live Windows should boot. When you open the file manager go to where your files are located, right click on them and click on 'Рассблокироватъ' or 'Отключитъ'. It should unlock the folder and you should be able to copy them to an External HDD/SSD, memory stick, flash drive, whatever. Then simply reinstall Windows wiping all your data and reinstall all the drivers from the support page of your PC or from a disk if you bought it with one. You are welcome.
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