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I want to remove the Windows 7 notification messages
« on: October 04, 2015, 12:44:00 pm »
Hello, I am using Windows 7 and i keep getting these annoying notifications, that I should do a system backup and I should install the latest updates. It is ok if I see them once but they keep popping up all the time. Do you know how to disable them?

Mike  :)



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Re: I want to remove the Windows 7 notification messages
« Reply #1 on: October 05, 2015, 05:05:56 pm »
Hi Mike, Im "never" and I will be helping you. All you have to do to remove any notification messages that keep appearing on your tray is follow these instructions:

Step 1: Click on the flag icon, displaying the notification messages.
Step 2: Click on the highlighted text, saying Open Action Center.

Step 3: Click on "Change Action Center Settings".
Step 4: Make sure you tick away all of the objects, displaying messages you do not wish to see.

Also, when it comes to Windows Backup, the icon is usually highlighted in gray which means that you have to stop it from the Windows Backup center. In case you cannot uncheck it do the following:

Step 1: Press Windows Button + R.
Step 2: Type "Regedit" and click on "OK"
Step 3: Make sure you go to this registry entry:


Step 4: In there, right-click on the empty space and then go to New>DWORD (32 bit value) and name it DisableMonitoring. After that, in it set the value to 1 and then close it.

It should be able to work now. Write back just in case it doesn't and I will attempt to further assist you.