Virus RedTube Phishing - Comment faire pour supprimer ce
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Virus RedTube Phishing - Comment faire pour supprimer ce

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Image RedTube Virus

Quels sont RedTube Viruses? Est un RedTube Virus dangereux? Comment supprimer un RedTube Virus à partir de votre ordinateur?

La RedTube virus est une menace Web populaire qui se propage à travers le posing Internet comme un site de vidéos officiel des adultes. Les nombreux échantillons de virus sont des copies faux et / ou tentative de fraude les victimes en leur faisant croire qu'ils ont eu accès à une ressource sûre. Read our in-depth RedTube virus removal guide to learn how to protect yourself from danger.

Menace Résumé

NomRedTube Phishing Virus
TypeRéorienter, Pirate de navigateur
brève descriptionRedirect Virus that takes advantage of the legitimate and famous RedTube download portal.
SymptômesLes symptômes peuvent être ALLANT de voir réoriente à avoir Trojan symptômes moins sur votre ordinateur.
Méthode de distributionTéléchargements groupés. pages Web qui peuvent l'annoncer.
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RedTube Virus – Comment ai-je obtenir et que fait-il?

The RedTube virus is actually a family of related threats that are modeled to appear as safe and legitimate files, sites or app (navigateur) extensions. In other it can be pushed by various malware and installed on a given system showing that it is a safe application that may be useful to the victim users. In almost all cases phishing and social engineering tactics are used in order to persuade the target users into infecting themselves with it. Various hacking groups can use different versions and constructs their own iterations. If at any time a global campaign is evident it may come from different hackers, this makes it harder to track down who is behind the individual infections.

One of the most common types of RedTube virus creations is the malicious hoax site. It is usually a fake copy of the official adult page landing page or a section of it, usually this is a hoax login or registration prompt. The reason why hackers choose to create them is because this is one of the easiest way to gather sensitive user details. The sites will be hosted on similar-sounding domain names and contain stolen or similar contents. The hackers can take advantage of advanced search-engine optimization techniques in order to make these sites rank higher. They can also be reached through redirections et annonces malveillantes — they can be placed on different pages, including legitimate pages (through networks), social media profiles and online communities.

To a large extent many of the infections can also be caused by falling victim to virus-infected data. They can be one of the typical examples:

  • Installateurs Bundle — The criminals can take the legitimate software setup files of popular applications which are often installed by end users. Examples are creativity suites, utilitaires système, suites de productivité et de bureaux et etc.
  • Documents — The virus installation code can be placed inside of various document formats such as the following: présentations, bases de données, fichiers texte et des feuilles de calcul. When they are opened by the victims a prompt will appear asking the victims to enable the built-in macros. The quoted reason is that this is a requirement in order to view the contents or to execute certain actions.
  • Extensions du navigateur — The hackers can craft the so-called pirates de l'air qui sont des extensions dangereuses faites pour les navigateurs web les plus populaires. They are often uploaded to the plugin repositories and uploaded with fake or stolen developer credentials andboostedwith automatically generated user reviews. The descriptions will promise enhancements when visiting the RedTube site, promotions orunlockingof extra contents.

Even though the RedTube virus is mainly distributed via various phishing tactics in many cases the infections can be done by other existing viruses on the host computer. An example is the presence of Trojans and ransomware which frequently feature the possibility of deploying additional threats.

Depending on the exact type of RedTube virus acquired different malware actions can take place. If the victims have acquired a browser-based variant then they can expect the malware to access the settings and modify them. The hijacker versions of the RedTube virus will modify the home page, search engine and new tabs page to always lead to a hacker-controlled page. In addition the user interaction with all sites can be monitored and automatically relayed to the criminal controllers.

The browser hijackers and the web-based variants of the RedTube virus can also deploy mineurs de crypto-monnaie. They are small-sized scripts or small applications which are primarily delivered through the web pages. Once they are started (in the browser window or as an independent process) a sequence of complex mathematical tasks that will take advantage of the hardware’s performance and specifically the CPU, Mémoire, disk space and etc. For every reported successful operation the hackers will receive income in the form of cryptocurrency which will be wired directly to their digital wallets. Modifications to the web browsers and the encountering of hacker-controlled pages that contain publicités intrusives. For every display or user interaction the criminals will receive a small income.

On the other hand the executable file can lead to even more extensive damage. Depending on the exact variant that is acquired the infections can cause any of the following malicious actions:

  • Data Acquisition — The executable versions of the Redtube virus can be used to scan the memory and hard disk contents for any information that can be deemed useful to the hackers. This can include data that can be used to expose the identity of the victims and also machine metrics that can be used to generate an unique ID for every contaminated host.
  • contournement de la sécurité — Using the collected information the engine can scan if there are any running security software that can potentially block the existing RedTube virus installation. This is done by reading the list of running processes and looking for the files of these applications on the hard disk. Example apps that can be affected include the following: anti-virus, pare-feu, Les systèmes de détection d'intrusion, environnements de bac à sable et des hôtes de machines virtuelles.
  • Installation persistante — The RedTube virus can be installed as a persistent threat by modifying the boot option, certain user preferences and the Windows Registry. This step will ensure that the virus is started every time the computer is powered on and booted. If enabled so it can also block access to the recovery boot options making it very hard to remove if the users follow generic manual user removal guides. In most cases the victims will need to use an advanced anti-spyware solution to guarantee that the threat is deleted.
  • Suppression des données — The associated engine can be used to locate and delete sensitive files from the infected computer. This includes the likes of backups, archives, system restore points and etc.
  • Les modifications du Registre Windows — Modifications to the Windows Registry can lead to severe problems when using the system, les problèmes de performance, les erreurs et la perte de données.
  • Livraison Malware supplémentaires — The RedTube virus can be used as a conduit for deploying other threats to the compromised computers. This can range from ransomware to small-sized cryptocurrency miners.

Remove RedTube Virus from Your Machine

In order to be able to remove RedTube Virus, vous devez savoir où il est des fichiers et des objets sont cachés. L'idée principale est de suivre les étapes de déplacement ci-dessous. Ils sont faits pour vous aider à isoler le virus et détecter et supprimer les fichiers malveillants. Pour la détection et l'enlèvement des RedTube Virus, cependant, nous vous suggérons fortement de télécharger et d'exécuter un scan gratuit avec un logiciel anti-malware avancée. Cet outil identifie automatiquement et d'éliminer tous les fichiers de virus et d'objets, related to any RedTube Virus from your computer plus protect it in the future too.


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Martin a obtenu un diplôme en édition de l'Université de Sofia. En tant que passionné de cyber-sécurité, il aime écrire sur les menaces les plus récentes et les mécanismes d'intrusion.

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