Wise Mac Care “Virus” App – How to Remove It

Wise Mac Care “Virus” App – How to Remove It

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bijgewerkt tot augustus 2019. Wat is Wise Mac Care? Is Wise Mac Care legitiem of een virus? How to remove Wise Mac Care virus from your Mac?

KANTTEKENING: This post was originally published in July 2019. Maar we gaven het een update in augustus 2019.

Wise Mac Care is one of those pesky fake apps for Mac, that only seem leigitimate at first sight. In het echt, just like another similar app to it, genoemd Smart Mac Care, Wise Mac Care could begin to perform a lot of different scanning procedures, whose main idea could be to display that your Mac is at risk and you should buy their licence in order to fix all problems found on your Mac. If you happen to have Wise Mac Care geïnstalleerd op uw Mac, raden wij u aan dit artikel te lezen.

bedreiging Samenvatting

NaamWise Mac Care
TypePUA voor Mac OS
Korte OmschrijvingMay scan your Mac automatically and ask you to pay license before the problems on your Mac are fixed.
SymptomenMay run automated system scans on your Mac with the main idea to convince you into buying it’s full version.
Distributie MethodeVia bundling of setups or false advertising it’s own onine.
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by Wise Mac Care


Combo Cleaner

GebruikerservaringWord lid van onze Forum to Discuss Wise Mac Care.

Wise Mac Care How Did I Get It and What Does It Do?

According to the distribution trends of such riskware software, many of the programs, like Wise Mac Care could be spread via web pages that claim your Mac is at risk. Such pages, like the one underneath may be shown on your computer as a result of a browser redirect, that can be caused by a low-reputation page or an adware residing on your Mac:

Another way for Wise Mac Care to come into your Mac is if you are convinced to add it as a “free extra” or an “optional offer” to your Mac. Such programs are often included in installers of free apps downloaded from third-party websites.

After it has been added to your Mac, the Wise Mac Care software may begin to scan it for various different types of items. This may result in the detection of hundreds If not thousands of errors and risks for your Mac. This is the main trick of this program to get you to buy its full version.

The Wise Mac Care app could also start scans automatically when you start up your Mac and may also show button to Fix all errors and risks. When you click on the questionable button, the app may begin to ask you to upgrade to the full version to remove, which usually costs an arm and a leg, but despite that many do upgrade in the fear that their Mac could actually be at risk.

Niet alleen dit, but this software could also be related to adware as some security sites have reported seeing the following types of ads after they have added the Wise Mac Care app:

  • Omleidingen.
  • Pop-ups showing constantly.
  • Online advertentie-ondersteunde zoekopdrachten.
  • Banners.

Clicking on such ads may expose your security in various ways to different risky objects. One of those may be tracking technologies such as cookies and other trackers that may collect data from your Mac. Other information that may be collected could also include what you search, type and even click online. And some sites may turn out to be phishing pages and trick you into entering your passwords or credit card details just so the crooks behind them can steal this information. Niet alleen dit, but some sites could outright infect your Mac with a dangerous virus, which is the main reason why you should remove Wise Mac Care immediately.

Remove Wise Mac Care from Your MacOS

To remove this dubious and risky software from your Mac, we do recommend that you follow the removal steps down below. They have been created with the main idea to assist into removing this risky software from your Mac step by step. Echter, if you believe the problem is more complex, we suggest that you use a professional cleanup software. Such advanced Mac cleaner can automatically scan it for all files, cookies and objects that may currently reside on your Mac and make sure that they are swiftly, safely and effectively deleted from it.


Ventsislav Krastev

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