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stopzilla-antimalware-software_1431528184Malware has become more and more widespread and it has changed the whole crime scenery. With advanced cyber-criminal organizations working to obtain money via malware the situation is now different. It has no longer become a war against the computer, instead it is a war against the user, because of the trust put in technology. STOPZilla Anti-Malware is one of the leaders in malware detection and removal. The key benefit of the software is that it eliminates any existing threats, and it does not limit itself to just preventing them, such as some other security programs do. We have decided to do a software review of STOPZilla to illustrate its features and evaluate what are the benefits of having it on your device.

Name STOPZilla Anti-Malware v6.5
Type Anti-Malware
Developer STOPZilla Inc.
Direct Download DOWNLOAD NOWAnd Install STOPZilla AntiMalware Tool
Operating System Windows 10 / 8 / Windows 7 / Vista
License Price $29.95
Free Version No
User Experience Discuss STOPZilla Anti-Malware v6.5 In Our Forum

STOPZilla Anti-Malware – Main Features

The main advantage STOPZilla has over other anti-malware solutions is that the program works well in identifying specific attacks. In today’s world malware infections have significantly advanced, and some threats have become accustomed to individual user PCs. For example, cookies obtained via a suspicious website or a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP), may collect information about the particular user PC’s Operational System (Windows XP, 7, 8), user IP, user location and language preferences, what type of antivirus does he/she use and other.

Such information may then be sold to cyber criminals, and PUP developers justify their actions by hiding behind shady privacy policies. The advantage of STOPzilla is that it also identifies such low-level threats and eliminates them before they are even installed on the user PC, keeping it safe.

STOPZilla features a very simple design that is developed to be easy to use and to be understood by inexperienced users:


STOPZilla is a very widely accessible program, and it cooperates with many Windows programs as well. Here are the minimum PC requirements for using STOPzilla:

  • All Windows versions after Windows Vista.
  • The supported programs the software integrates with.
  • Firefox 3.6 and newer.
  • Mozilla Thunderbird.
  • Microsoft Outlook 2007, 2010.
  • Outlook Express

Computer capacity requirements:

  • 2GB RAM for Windows Vista and Windows 7.
  • 500 MB of hard drive space.
  • 1 GHz processing frequency or above.
  • Stable Internet Connection

On a modern PC, the software is fairly unnoticed, even when scanning. Here is how its performance looks like on our test PC:


What We Like

We enjoyed the following features of STOPZilla:

  • A vast database of aggregated malware which is constantly updated.
  • Well made user interface.
  • Serves well in combination with other anti-malware software.

What Is Missing

We saw several areas that present opportunity for development:

  • No free trial.
  • Could be even lighter in terms of RAM and CPU.


If you want a lightweight anti-malware that will protect you in the background from any direct and indirect threats, STOPzilla is the correct product to choose. It combines simple design, behind which there are the newest definitions against the latest developments in malware and unwanted programs.



  1. Nancy White

    Great tool! Love Stopzilla

  2. billal hossain

    Dear sir,
    this antivirus use for server enterprise, its a protect Ransomware or remove Ransomware.


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