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Check out what is the Google Membership Rewards survey scam, pretending to come from Google. Find out how to stop Google Membership Rewards pop-ups and how to remove the software causing these pop-ups to appear.

SIDENOTE: This post was originally published in August 2018. But we gave it an update in August 2019

New reports have started to sum up showing a fake Google Membership Rewards program that detects the devices of victims and claims they have won a gift from Google. But, typical for all scams, the page demands victims to complete a survey before they get the reward, which is often from the likes of an expensive smartphone or another expensive device. Filling out the survey may bring a ton of problems on the computers ad even slither more unwanted software on the victim’s PC. If you see the Google Membership Rewards web page, know that there is no such thing and it is likely caused by adware residing on your computer which you can remove if you keep reading this article.

Threat Summary

Name Google Membership Rewards Scam
Type PUP, Scam
Short Description Tricks victims into filling out fake surveys with the main purpose of getting them to enter their personal details in those surveys.
Symptoms You start to receive pop-ups and browser redirects to fake web pages that claim that you have been randomly selected as a part of the Google Customer Reward Program to win a prize after completing a survey.
Distribution Method Bundled downloads. Web pages which may advertise it.
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by malware


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Google Membership Rewards Pop-ups – How Do They Start to Appear?

The main method by which these pop-ups may begin to appear on your computer is via ad-supported programs that introduce them on your web browser. These are the type of programs that pretend to be the good old helpful free helper apps, but also come with “extras” which are basically a lot of advertisements that display suspicious third-party websites, like the Google Membership Rewards one.

The main method via which these programs slither into victims’ computers is called bundling. They basically use various different types of free setups of programs that are often downloaded, like free media players or other programs of this nature. Some of those programs have their installers modified by third-party sites with the main goal of pushing programs’ like the Google Membership Rewards software. It is not easy to locate the install prompt of this software either, since it is mainly located in the “Advanced” or “Custom” installation modes, where it may be written in a very mall font.

Google Membership Reward – Is It a Scam?

As soon as you get such an ad-supported PUP (potentially unwanted program), your computer may immediately start to slow down and you may see the following types of advertisements:

  • Pop-ups.
  • Browser redirects.
  • Online search results that are ad-supported.
  • Taken over banner spaces.

One of the redirections often leads to the third-party web link, calling itself “Google Membership Rewards”. It aims to display the following message to the user and even uses Cookies to identify what device and browser you are visiting it from:


What is worse is that the scam can also be encountered on mobile devices as well:


The information that is gathered by the Google Membership Rewards scam aims to further increase the victim’s trust that this is an actual Google Membership Rewards website. For example, if you are visiting the site from an HTC smartphone, the scam will state “Your HTC U11 has won (1) reward!” and the scheme goes the same if you visit it from iPhones, Windows machines, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and even different tablets.

Google has never offered prizes or some kind of lotteries. Even if the pop-up displays Google’s logo and states it is Google, it is NOT Google. The end goal of the scam is simple: It aims to get you to answer questions by clicking on different buttons as the answers. The bad news is that the simple clicking of those buttons may lead to an unsafe site which can even result in malware infection. Another negative outcome of these surveys is that after you complete the survey, they may take you to a web page where you may be asked to enter your financial credentials, such as your credit card number and security code In order to receive the reward. This is the main method via which this scam may fool inexperienced users and steal funds or sell their credit card data in the darknet markets.

Since the Google Membership Rewards and Google Rewards Center scam may not be the only scamming sites you could get redirected to via this adware, recommendations are to immediately remove it.

How To Get Rid of Google Membership Rewards?

If you want to remove the program that is causing the Google Membership Rewards pop-ups on your PC, we recommend that you follow the removal instructions underneath this article. They have been created in order to assist you to remove this adware either manually or automatically. Either way, be advised that experts often recommend to use the aid of an advanced malware remediation software that is created to remove such programs effectively and safely and also ensure that your computer remains protected against any future threats that might appear on your PC. For mobile devices, you are welcome to use the Mobile Device Removal Instructions underneath.


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  1. AvatarCrystal Wei

    Dear Sir,

    unfortunately im the victim and paid RM5.00

  2. AvatarManee

    I have got this massage and i have entered my mastercard number and all. Will this method help me to remove my number from this servay. Please reply immediatly

    1. Gergana IvanovaGergana Ivanova

      Hi Manee,

      All removal methods listed in our guide will help you detect and remove present malicious files from infected your device. As regards your credentials, we recommend you to call your credit card issuer or visit the institution and let them know about the problem. Once they know that your credit card information has been stolen they could cancel all occurred unauthorized transactions and initiate the creation of a new credit card with a new credit card number.

  3. Avatarsolomon bondera

    I received a notification that I had Won Google prize so tell me about it?

    1. Milena DimitrovaMilena Dimitrova

      Hi Solomon, it is a scam. Don’t click on anything and don’t reveal your personal information. Can you share the exact text you saw?

  4. AvatarDissanayake

    I got a message from Google that saying “you have won a I phone” is that true???

    1. Milena DimitrovaMilena Dimitrova


      No, this is a scam and you shouldn’t interact with it. Do you have any other issues related to ads, pop-ups, etc?

  5. AvatarVaarun

    I also have received a notification grom goovle that i had won a s10+ smart phone thats true or not

    1. Milena DimitrovaMilena Dimitrova

      Hi, this is certainly a scam.

  6. AvatarVaarun

    Plz rply me fast


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