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Wondershare Data Recovery Software Review


The demand for data recovery programs has been increasing lately due the so-called “boom” in malware and ransomware attacks. Sophisticated computer viruses such as STOP ransomware and Dharma ransomware encrypt files of users making them lost forever, or at least until a large fee is paid in Bitcoin. Some crypto-viruses delete data as well.

Wondershare Data Recovery

This makes the infected computer the perfect fighting ground for programs such as Wondershare Data Recovery. Let’s see what features it can offer to the troubled user, and if it’s able to assist with recovering files, even if they have been deleted by accident.

App Profile

Name Wondershare Data Recovery
Type Data Recovery Software
Developer Wondershare Inc.
Official Website Wondershare Data Recovery
Operating System Windows OS
License Price $49.95 for a Lifetime license.
STF’s Test Machine Lenovo B50-70 with 64-bit Windows 8.1
User Experience Discuss Wondershare Data Recovery In Our Forum

Wondershare Data Recovery – In-Depth Software Analysis

The program installed rather fast, and the primary reason for this is its size which is approximately 54 MB on disk. Even though the size looks small, compared to data Recovery software which we have reviewed so far, Wondershare’s program is the largest:

54 MBWondershare Data Recovery
27.8MBStellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery –Technicians
8.30MBStellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery
6.04MBCard Data Recovery

One of the reasons for this program’s size is that it has two separate processes to keep it stable:

  • One process for the interface panel.
  • A process which is responsible for the operations.

This is a good strategy by the software developers because this way the program is more stable, faster and smoother. When the performance of Wondershare’s tool was tested, we received rough average results of 99% taken disk space, which is expected since the software performs a deep scan of the sectors in the computers’ hard drives. Here is how the other specs look like:


When opened, Wondershare presents a very user-friendly interface, separating the preferences clearly:


One particular preference which was of great interest to us is the recovery of RAW data which is present with other data recovery programs as well, but here it is also separated. This would be useful to data recovery experts who know how to look in segments of RAW data and analyze the information in the chunks of code left in it.


Besides the user-friendly interface, we noticed the Partition Recovery option which scans for different partitions and even previous versions of such as well as chunks of space which is left unpartitioned and displays how much size the different logical drives are:


The most interesting part for us, however, is whether or not this software can cope with the recovery of lost files. For starters, it takes quite the time to perform a deep scan for lost files and allows the user to select a partition from which the files should be recovered. In addition to this, Wondershare Data Recovery also separates the files based on different types and in those types it separates the files by extensions. Quite convenient:


To scan a 140 GB drive on our test machine(see the table above), the program takes approximately an hour, which is normal for data recovery software. It also has a separation of colors, based on the health of the recovered files (green, yellow and red). Recently deleted images and images from the cache of the computer were recovered with good health which is a clear indicator that this program can be quite useful for accidental deletion of files:


However, users must know that if files have been deleted, the computer’s drive reformatted, and Windows reinstalled the chances of recovering ANY file drastically decrease.

Wondershare Data Recovery – Conclusion and Evaluation

As a bottom line, this is a program that looks simple but conceals some effective techniques to restore as many files as there are in the sectors of your hard drive. It is difficult to find features of the program which we dislike, which is why we believe it is a powerful competitor in the Data Recovery Software segment.

What We Like

  • Simple design.
  • Recovery quality.
  • Segmentation of recovered files by file types(ex. Audio, Video, Documents) and file extensions(correspondingly .mp3, .avi, .docx).
  • Well-made free version.

What Is Missing

  • Due to its size, Wondershare might appear a bit heavy in terms of performance on old computers that are underpowered.

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  2. AshleyBenson

    All recovery tool can be found on here.

  3. Gavin John Keen

    Can this program scan & copy files from an external hard drive plugged in the computer this software has been installed on?

    1. Vencislav Krustev


      1. Gavin John Keen

        Vencislav, thanks for the confirmation & please excuse my IT knowledge but lets assume that this software was installed on a PC with the knowledge of the user with the instruction to copy all files & data both on & off the pc through any port would this technically constitute spyware?

        1. Vencislav Krustev

          This really comes down to the realistic intentions and purpose of the software, although it could be manipulated into becoming one, just like most aspects of any machine :)


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