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stf-astrologybuzz-com-astrology-buzz-quizzes-horoscopes-tarot-ads is a website that offers tarot card and horoscope readings, quizzen, and similar things. AstrologyBuzz is an adware, and it is considered as such due to the advertisements it generates. These advertisements might redirect you to websites with the same theme. A browser extension which is associated with the platform is on the Google Chrome Web Store and can be added to your browsers. To remove the adware completely, moet je dit artikel leest.

bedreiging Samenvatting
TypeAdware, PUP
Korte OmschrijvingThe site hosts advertisements that can display on similar platforms and websites.
SymptomenU zult advertenties zien in uw browser – pop-ups, interstitial and other types.
Distributie MethodeFreeware Installations, bundel pakketten
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by


Malware Removal Tool

GebruikerservaringWord lid van onze Forum to Discuss – Distribution might be distributed with a third-party installation. Such an installation could inject the adware on your computer system, with a bundled package or freeware, without any prior notification. Standaard, similar installers could be set to install additional components to your machine. Avoiding any such unwanted installation is possible if you find a Gewoonte of een Gevorderd menuopties.

stf-astrologybuzz-com-astrology-buzz-quizzes-horoscopes-extension-google-chrome-web-store is distributed through a browser extension, ook. The extension is hosted on the main website and as seen in the above image – on the Google Chrome’s Web Store. Another way for distribution is by visiting websites that are suspicious or in case you have clicked on advertisements. The advertisements can be pop-ups or banners and can redirect you. As a result you started to see ads related to Browsers die meestal worden aangetast: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, en Safari. – Description is a website that is promoting various quizzes, horoscope readings, looking into your future via tarot cards, etc. Echter, the website’s primary aim is to disperse advertising content, and this is why it is considered an adware. The advertisements might appear on a lot of different websites in the cyberspace. is site that is a look-alike of and the design and functionality of it are the same. From that, we can deduct that the sites belong to the same developer.

Onder, you can view the main site page of


If you have some applications on your PC and browsers that are closely associated to the website, certainly you will witness advertisements while browsing. The adverts could be so much that you might have your computer or internet running slow. AstrologyBuzz could redirect you to different websites, so in case that happens, proceed with caution about interacting with them.

Adverts can have some of these texts inside them:

  • Ads by
  • Ad by
  • Advert from
  • Advertisement by
  • Powered by
  • Brought to you by

AstrologyBuzz could spread lots of redirecting links along all of the advertisements. The redirects could be part of a plan to generate online traffic which is at a later period turned into revenue for the website makers. A pay-per-click scheme is usually used for such purposes. Any redirect link could lead to the page about tarot card readings, ook:


Advertisement content that is tightly connected to this adware can be of various types. The advertisements associated with the website display on the Internet in the form of banners, tekstlinks, pop-ups, pop-unders, as well as shopping, overgangs- en interstitiële advertenties. A large part of these adverts such as the pop-up boxes could be distributing targeted content which is based on your browsing habits and activity on the website. – Privacy Policy

Het Privacybeleid van is displayed in a picture under the paragraph. The policy gives great detail and about what exactly is collected from you. Both personally and non-personally identifiable information will be collected. The policy states that the website can share that information with third-party advertisement networks. The data will also be used in the form of an asset in negotiations with other companies which want to become the new owner and want to buy out the site.


Het beleid bepaalt dat de volgende gegevens kunnen worden verzameld:

  • Browser - type en de versie
  • Uw naam
  • Geografische locatie
  • Jouw e-mailadres
  • Zoekvragen, bekeken pagina's en degenen die u bezoekt op de site
  • Besturingssysteem (OS) - type en de versie
  • Datum- en tijdstempel
  • Uw IP-adressen
  • Internet service provider (ISP)
  • Geïnstalleerde programma's en lopende processen / services
  • Inhoud van webpagina's die u bezoekt, URL's en HTML uses cookies as well as Web beacons and more tracking technologies which obtain additional information about you. Third parties partnered up with them could also use tracking cookies for data collection like that. In case you do not like your personal information to be gathered and shared, you should remove this adware and all its related content from your computer device.

Remove from Your PC

Verwijderen handmatig van uw computer, Volg de stap-voor-stap de verwijdering instructiegids hieronder. In het geval dat het handmatig verwijderen niet ontdoen van alle advertenties volledig te krijgen, je moet zoeken naar en verwijder eventuele restjes met een geavanceerde anti-malware gereedschap. Dergelijke software kan helpen om uw computer veilig in de toekomst.

Manually delete van Windows en uw browser

Aantekening! Substantiële mededeling over de bedreiging: Handmatig verwijderen van vereist interferentie met systeembestanden en registers. Zo, het kan leiden tot schade aan uw pc. Zelfs als uw computer vaardigheden niet op een professioneel niveau, maak je geen zorgen. U kunt de verwijdering zelf doen alleen in 5 notulen, met behulp van een malware removal tool.

1. Remove or Uninstall in Windows
2. Remove from Your Browser
3. Fix registry entries created by on your PC

Automatically remove door het downloaden van een geavanceerde anti-malware programma

1. Remove with SpyHunter Anti-Malware Tool
2. Back up your data to secure it against attacks related to in the future
Facultatief: Het gebruik van alternatieve Anti-Malware Gereedschap

Berta Bilbao

Berta is een speciale malware onderzoeker, dromen voor een veiliger cyberspace. Haar fascinatie voor IT-beveiliging begon een paar jaar geleden, toen een malware haar uit haar eigen computer op slot.

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