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Verwijder TubeBox(.)org Advertenties

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TubeBox(.)org is de site van een adware. De adware toont advertenties, zoals pop-ups en bericht dozen tijdens het browsen. Om deze adware verwijderen, moet je het artikel tot het einde te lezen. A browser add-on that can cause redirects may get in your browsers.

TypeAdware, PUP
Korte OmschrijvingThe adware displays advertisements in your browsing programs.
SymptomenYou can see adverts: pop-ups, pop-unders, banners en anderen. Je zou kunnen krijgen doorgestuurd.
Distributie MethodeFreeware Installateurs, Bundelen
Detection ToolDownload Malware Removal Tool, to See If Your System Has Been Affected by TubeBox(.)org
Gebruikerservaring Word lid van ons forum te bespreken TubeBox(.)org.


TubeBox(.)org – Delivery

De meest voorkomende leveringswijze TubeBox(.)org is via installaties van derden. niet bewust, you can install the unwanted program by freeware installations and bundled packages. More components are selected for installation, standaard, on a regular basis. These components are concealed. Dientengevolge, you can get the adware inside your computer. Preventing that could be done by checking for a Gewoonte of een Gevorderd menu in the installation setup.

TubeBox(.)org can be delivered by unknown sites visits and from clicking on advertisements, zoals pop-ups of banners. Those actions can get the adware injected in your computer. Getroffen browsers zijn Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer en Safari.

TubeBox(.)org – Description

TubeBox(.)org is the main web address for the adware TubeBox. The site presents the program as a YouTube downloader, and a music and video converter. Ook, op de website, it is written that you can watch online videos without a browser. That is technically true, but it’s again a software platform in which you can watch videos, so this functions like any browser.

TubeBox(.)org offers the program for download on this same site, but when you try to download it, you get redirected. You are shown the following download messages, prompting you to download the program:


If you download the executable file, you will begin to see adverts all over your browsers. Not to mention that an extension or add-on related to TubeBox(.)org kan worden ingesteld in uw browser. They can bring even more advertisements and redirects. Most of the advertising content has these text messages shown in them:

  • Ads by TubeBox(.)org
  • Advertisement by TubeBox(.)org
  • Ad by TubeBox(.)org
  • Powered by TubeBox(.)org
  • Brought to you by TubeBox(.)org

Uploading the executable file into the site VirusTotal yielded the expected results of this being an intrusive adware program:


The redirects might make money for the adware developers, Freetec Ltd. These redirects are most likely based on a pay-per-click basis. It is not surprising to see targeted advertising and partner site pop-ups. Reclame geassocieerd met TubeBox(.)org can be pop-ups, pop-unders, coupons, movie ticket discounts, banners, sliders, en anderen.


Het Privacybeleid van TubeBox(.)org, zoals hierboven, states that the site collects information about you and your browsing usage. This information can be personally identifying and can be used to to show you targeted adverts that you may be attracted to.

Here is a quote from the policy:

Freetec Ltd is the operator of this platform and the supplier of the services offered thereon and therefore responsible for any collection, processing and use of your personal data and compliance of this data processing with the Egyptian Law as well as other applicable provisions on data protection.

That means your information will be collected and processed, later used for different purposes according to Egyptian Law. Dus, be aware of all this and be careful if you are using this unwanted software.

When you visit the TubeBox(.)org plaats, the following will be stored automatically:

  • Uw IP adres
  • Datum en tijd van de toegang
  • The name and URL of the file called
  • The website from which the access originated
  • The OS of your PC and your browser (type / versie)
  • Your country and the name of your ISP

The data is collected and then processed. If you expressly agreed to, your e-mail address will be collected and used.

If you use the software, this information is being sent on regular intervals, according to the Privacy policy:

  • The manner, frequency and intensity of usege of the software; your behaviour and habits
  • Crash and error logs of the software
  • Programs of third parties installed on your computer
  • IP adress of your computer

Cookies are also used to collect this information:

  • The browser type / versie
  • Uw besturingssysteem
  • The referrer URL and page previously visited
  • The host name of your PC (IP-adres)
  • The time of the server request

The policy of the TubeBox(.)org makes a clear statement about information collection. Be wary if you have used the software, site or services of this unwanted program. All gathered data could be shared with third parties. Removing the adware should be a priority for you.

Verwijder TubeBox(.)org Volledig

Verwijderen TubeBox(.)org handmatig van uw computer, de instructies verwijderingsstap stap beneden. In case the manual removal does not get rid of the adverts effectively, you should search for and remove any leftover files with an advanced anti-malware tool. Such a program should keep your computer safe.

Delete TubeBox(.)org from Windows and Your Browser

1.Remove or Uninstall TubeBox(.)org in Windows
2.Verwijder TubeBox(.)org from Your Browser

Verwijder TubeBox(.)org automatisch door het downloaden van een geavanceerde anti-malware programma.

1. Verwijder TubeBox(.)org met SpyHunter Anti-Malware Tool
2. Back up your data to secure it against attacks related to TubeBox(.)org in de toekomst
Facultatief: Met behulp van een alternatieve Anti-Malware Tool
NOTE! Substantiële mededeling over de TubeBox(.)org bedreiging: Handmatig verwijderen van TubeBox(.)org vereist interferentie met systeembestanden en registers. Zo, het kan leiden tot schade aan uw pc. Zelfs als uw computer vaardigheden niet op een professioneel niveau, maak je geen zorgen. U kunt de verwijdering zelf doen alleen in 5 notulen, met behulp van een malware removal tool.

Berta Bilbao

Berta is een speciale malware onderzoeker, dromen voor een veiliger cyberspace. Haar fascinatie voor IT-beveiliging begon een paar jaar geleden, toen een malware haar uit haar eigen computer op slot.

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