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SF Subway Hit door Cryptom HDDCryptor Ransomware - Passagiers Ride gratis

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san-francisco-metro-hit-by-ransomware-sensorstechforumWat onderzoekers geloven dat een variant van de beruchte HDDCryptor malware familie heeft het Muni metro van San Francisco hit. De hack geresulteerd in meer dan 2,000 systemen om gecompromitteerde worden en hun harde schijven te versleutelen. The ransomware displayed a short message on boot screen, linking to the e-mail cryptom73@yandex.com. Dan, the cyber-criminals demanded over 73 thousand dollars to be paid as a ransom to restore access to the systems on the subway. This is yet another case of how IoT (internet van dingen) can impact our daily lives.

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Korte OmschrijvingDe malware versleutelt de harde schijf van de gebruiker met een aangepaste password, het ontkennen van alle toegang toe. Het vraagt ​​om 100 BTC losgeld betaling aan een wachtwoord voor codering ontvangen en verzenden.
SymptomenBij opstarten van het systeem geeft de volgende losgeldnota – You Hacked, ALL Data Encrypted, Contact For Key (cryptom27@yandex.com) ID:”
Distributie MethodeVia een exploit kit, Dll-bestand aanval, kwaadaardige JavaScript of een drive-by download van de malware zich in een verduisterd wijze. Malicious executables may be the initial infection but is reported to further spread using worm-spreading features (automatisch)..
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by Cryptom


Malware Removal Tool

GebruikerservaringWord lid van onze forum om Discuss Cryptom Ransomware.
Data Recovery ToolWindows Data Recovery door Stellar Phoenix kennisgeving! Dit product scant uw schijf sectoren om verloren bestanden te herstellen en het kan niet herstellen 100% van de gecodeerde bestanden, maar slechts weinigen van hen, afhankelijk van de situatie en of u uw schijf hebt geformatteerd.

The Cryptom Ransomware Attacked Different Systems

Not only systems within the Municipal Transport Agency of San Francisco’s subway were infected. The ransomware managed to impact many other related systems as well, zoals administratieve computers, systems for payment, SQL-database computers, terminals en kiosken. The malware has most likely been coded by someone with experience because it had a worm-like capability to spread across different types of devices, suggesting the sophistication behind it. Not only this but other computers, even including Macs and other PC’s were also hit, stijgt het aantal geïnfecteerde apparaten grofweg 8,500.

What Does Cryptom Ransowmare Do

The goal of Cryptom is to generate profit at the user’s expense. The attack by the virus may portray a worm-like behavior, which means it spreads from an infected device to an infected device, raising some serious security issues in various IoT devices.

After infecting a given machine, the ransomware does not just encrypt the files on the compromised device. Plaats, it focuses on performing various tasks oriented with attacking the MBR (Master Boot Record) which if overridden, allows it to directly encrypt the SSD or HDD on the compromised device.

After this encryption process is complete, the ransomware generates a unique unlock key via it’s encryption mechanism which will allow for the successful deciphering of the encrypted data. And Cryptom finally generates a boot message saying the drive is encrypted:


The Origins of HDDCryptor

Similar to other HDDCryptor variant, Mamba Ransomware, Cryptom may exhibit the same behavior. The sole idea for this specific file encryption malware is using coding skills to generate a sophisticated ransomware virus by taking the source code from open source program, bekend als DiskCryptor which is originally used for protection of hard drives.

It is believed that not only the ransomware creates multiple files on the main logical drive of the infected computer, but it also uses those files to obtain administrative privileges. This is used most likely for Cryptom to create a new user on the compromised device and then most likely use the following ciphers to encrypt the hard drive:

  • AES-512 encryption algorithm
  • XTS encryption mode

What is The Impact

Thousands of devices in the SF subway and bus network were rebooted with the ransom message on them. Upon contacting the e-mail address the cyber-criminals responded that their software infects automatically and they did not expect any ransom to be paid. But either way they demanded the insane ransom amount of approximately 100 BTC for the payoff.

The impact of this infection is that the SF public transport organization was pushed into opening the gates for access to the subway, allowing everyone to ride for free.

Cryptom Ransomware – Predictions, Bescherming en Verwijdering

Given in consideration that cities, like San Francisco’s transport system is interconnected, this is what allowed for the Cryptom virus to spread so quickly. Even the cyber-criminals have admitted that this was not their initial target. Echter, we could be seeing more and more ransomware attacks on interconnected devices impacting our daily life, like ATM’s, beveiligingscamera's, parking meters and every other device with an OS and a screen belonging to the same network.

In het geval dat u besmet door dit virus ransomware, we urge you to be extremely careful in what you are doing. HDD encryptors have been around for quite some time and viruses, like “Petya” and “Mischa” have proven that they work. As soon as you see the ransom note, the first step we advise you to take is to unplug your HDD from the device immediately. To learn how to do this, you can follow our instructions (stap 1 stappen 3 in the “Decryption Phase”) in the article below:

After extracting the hard drive, it is recommended to not tamper with it in any way and wait until malware researchers come up with a solution, immediately after which we will update this article with a web link to the solution itself.

In the mean-time the best thing you can do to increase protection is to make a system consisting of protection tools and a security oriented behavior. Here is what we suggest you to do:

1. Read our ransomware protection tips.
2. Lezen our research on how to safely store your files to protect them from ransomware viruses in general.
3. Download een geavanceerde anti-malware gereedschap that will help increase general malware and exploit protection:

See If Your System Has Been Affected by Cryptom


Malware Scanning Tool

4. Download de Talos’s tool which aims to protect the MBR from ransomwareand other viruses.


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