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Fjern Hitler-Ransomware og gendanne slettede filer

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hitler-ransomware-sensorstechforumransomware virus, named after a symbol of evilHitler has be

Data Recovery ToolWindows Data Recovery af Stellar Phoenix Varsel! Dette produkt scanner dine drev sektorer til at gendanne mistede filer, og det kan ikke komme sig 100% af de krypterede filer, men kun få af dem, afhængigt af situationen og uanset om du har omformateret drevet.


en discovered by malware analyst at AVG. viruset, although still in development can force crash the computer of affected users plus cause BSOD as well as lock the screen displaying a 1-hour deadline to pay the ransom. The virus threatens users that their files have been encrypted. Men, it may directly delete them after the deadline has expired, ifølge forskerne. Ikke kun dette, but this virus also aims to get users to purchase a Vodafone card for 25 Euros and add its code in a text box which may or may not be sent to cyber-criminals that then may extract the funds from it.

Trussel Summary



Kort beskrivelseHitler-Ransomware first removes the extensions of all files in the %UserProfile% folder. Then it displays a lockscreen with a deadline and after the deadline causes a BSOD and restarts the computer after which deletes the files.
SymptomerThe user may witness a lockscreen with Hitler’s image and a deadline to pay 25 euros in an hour.
DistributionsmetodeVia en Exploit kit, trojanske Droppers, JavaScript or by a malicous .exe, directly situated on the computer.
Værktøj Detection See If Your System Has Been Affected by Hitler-Ransowmare


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BrugererfaringTilmeld dig vores forum til Discuss Hitler-Ransomware.
Data Recovery ToolWindows Data Recovery af Stellar Phoenix Varsel! Dette produkt scanner dine drev sektorer til at gendanne mistede filer, og det kan ikke komme sig 100% af de krypterede filer, men kun få af dem, afhængigt af situationen og uanset om du har omformateret drevet.

How Does Hitler-Ransomware Spread?

To infect its victims, the developers of Hitler-Ransomware may release it as an e-mail attachment in spam messages. The file may be an obfuscated executable or a .js file pretending to be a .PDF document or a Microsoft Office file. Once users click on it, Hitler-Ransomware may drop its malicious files onto the user’s computer.

Besides this being the most common method of spreading ransomware, users may also see malicious URLs posted In the e-mail’s body. The URLs may redirect to web links that can cause a drive-by-download without the user noticing it and infect the computer.

Hitler Ransomware – Technical Overview

As soon as a Hitler-Ransomware infection occurs, researchers report seeing the following files being dropped on infected users’ PCs:

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\firefox32.exe
%Midlertidig%{a folder name}.tmp\
%Midlertidig%{a folder name}..tmp\chrst.exe
%Midlertidig%{a folder name}.tmp\ErOne.vbs
%Midlertidig%{a folder name}.tmp\firefox32.exe

Efter dette er sket, the virus then immediately locks the screen of the infected computer, displaying its demands, der er følgende:

“This is the Hitler-Ransomware
Do you decrypt your Files?
Buy a Vodafone Card (25 Euro) and add the code in the TextBox!
Cash Code(25 Euro):
Your Files delete in (timeren)"

What is characteristic for the Hitler-Ransomware is that it does not encode the files of the infected computer. What Hitler-Ransomware does is it erases the file extensions of all the files that are located in:

C:\Brugere {Brugerens profil}

viruset, then displays it’s lock screen which is the following:

bsod-sensorstechforum-hitler-ransomware (2)

After one hour time, it eliminates the important for Windows Csrss.exe process which immediately then causes a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death). The consequence of this is system reboot:

bsod-sensorstechforum-hitler-ransomware (1)

Efter dette er sket, the ransomware has a .bat module, navngivet firefox32.bat, that has a script which executes the following commands:

→@echo off
cd %userprofile%
del *.* /S /Q

This very small script is very simple as well as effectiveit aims to directly delete all the files on the infected computer. Researchers are worried that this type of ransomware may begin to surface more and more often since it will make the users pay the ransom with its short deadline.

Hitler-Ransomware – Protect Yourself and Remove It Completely

If you are interested in knowing how to protect yourself from this ransomware, we advise you to disable automatic restart, because this is what it causes to the computer. Du kan gøre dette ved at følge instruktionerne nedenfor:

→1. Go ahead and click on the “Start” button.
2. Gå til "Løb"
3. In the Run window type “sysdm.cpl” hvorefter tryk Enter
4. Gå til "Fremskreden" fanen
5. In it click on the “Startup and Recovery” knap.
6. Remove the check from the “Automatically Restart” option after which click on the Ok knap.
7. Klik på Ok again to exit this app and then close the CP window.
8. Genstart your computer for the changes you have made to become effective.

After disabling auto restart, in case you get infected by the virus, you should have two options:

  • Boot your computer into Safe Mode to isolate Hitler-Ransomware as a third-party app and then remove it using the instructions below.(The riskier variant).
  • Boot your computer from a Live OS which can unlock your drive and allow you to copy your files and later on add file extensions to them.

Whatever your choice may be, be advised that even if you turn off the computer after getting infected with this ransomware, you should not turn it on to allow it to boot into Windows because the ransomware has scripts configured to delete the files automatically. This is why we advise you to follow the instructions below if you have decided to boot into Safe Mode and manually locate and delete the files reported to be associated with Hitler-Ransomware in this article. In case you feel uncomfortable with doing this manually, we advise you to take the faster more automatic approach and delete the virus using an advanced anti-malware program, like shown in the instructions below. But bear in mind that before deleting this virus you need to make copies of your files somewhere safe.

In case this virus has already hit you and deleted your files, we advise you to follow the steps in section "3. Restore files deleted by Hitler-Ransomware” to try and restore deleted files using data recovery software.


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