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What is PC Speedup Pro? Why is PC Speedup Pro running on your PC? How to remove PC Accelerate Pro and improve PC security?

PC Speeder Pro is a potentially unwanted program that claims to be a handy system optimizer. Once installed the program launches a scan and generates a report about the current state of your operating system. According to this report, several detected issues need to be fixed. They can be fixed only when the full version of the program is purchased. In order to make you more prone to purchase its full version, PC Speeder Pro labels the issues under different levels of severity. Cependant, most of these issues are fake or pose no real danger to your PC. So don’t be tricked into purchasing the full version of this rogue system optimizer. Security researchers recommend that PC Speeder Pro should be removed from the computer as soon as it is noticed.

Menace Résumé

NomPC Speedup Pro
TypePUP / Hoax System Optimizer
brève descriptionPeut prétendre trouver beaucoup d'erreurs sur votre PC pour vous permettre d'acheter sa version complète..
SymptômesYou may start seeing PC Speedup Pro popping up automatically on your PC and running automatic scans that catch errors every time.
Méthode de distributionTéléchargements groupés. Web pages that advertise it.
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by PC Speedup Pro


Malware Removal Tool

Expérience utilisateurRejoignez notre Forum to Discuss PC Speedup Pro.

PC Speedup Pro Unwanted Program – Méthodes de distribution et de l'activité

PC Speeder Pro is a program that is advertised as a helpful system optimizer that can increase the computer’s performance by removing unnecessary files and cleaning registry entries. Once installed on the device, it runs a scan to check the system for any present issues.


Typiquement, PC Speeder Pro lands on computers bundled with other software that you can download for free from the Internet. Most third-party sites deliver software bundles with the purpose of making profits by pushing products to users’ PC. That’s why security researchers strongly recommend a thorough review of every software setup.

As of PC Speeder Pro, it has been reported to be yet another fake system optimizer that detects system issues with the goal to persuade you to purchase its full version and fix “présent” problèmes. En fait, almost all of the issues the unwanted program catches pose minor to none adverse effect on your device. Security researchers have even confirmed that the program detects the Registry entries it creates as issues with a low severity level.

How to Remove PC Speedup Pro PUP

Removing PC Speedup Pro should be performed methodologically and properly. One way to effectively remove PC Speedup Pro PUP is to follow the removal instructions that are underneath this article. Ils ont été créés avec l'idée principale pour vous aider à supprimer cette application soit manuellement ou automatiquement. The many files created by the app could be hard to find manually. That’s why it is recommendable to combine the steps while removing PC Speedup Pro PUP.

gergana Ivanova

gergana Ivanova

Gergana a complété un baccalauréat en marketing de l'Université de l'économie nationale et mondiale. Elle a été avec l'équipe STF depuis trois ans, des recherches sur les logiciels malveillants et les rapports sur les dernières infections.

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