Verwijder pop-up advertenties - Instructies

Verwijder pop-up advertenties – Instructies

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Wat is en waarom zie ik pop-up advertenties? Wat moet u doen als uw browser wordt beïnvloed door Laten we eens kijken in dit artikel.

Om een ​​lang verhaal kort te maken, is a potentially malicious URL address that was created with the sole purpose of redirecting users via ads to a range of bogus sites. Sites associated with redirects are typically full of spam content, pushmeldingen, opdringerige advertenties, online games, and even pages that may host malware.

Why are you being redirected to One explanation is that you may have unwanted programs (PUP) hiding in your system, or browser hijackers that altered your browser settings without your knowledge.

Another reason may be that you’ve clicked on a random ad when you visited a website with suspicious reputation, and this event triggered a series of unstoppable redirects.

Also note that the site can obtain personal information about you, and could also modify various settings on your browser. Continue reading to learn how to remove from your browser and system.

bedreiging Samenvatting
Typeredirect, Adware, Kwaadaardige Domain
Korte OmschrijvingElke browser op uw computer kan worden aangetast. De omleiding kan je land op tientallen onbekende webpagina's en je misschien veel advertenties te zien.
SymptomenU vindt er een heleboel redirects zien, oplichting, advertisements and even malicious content such as scareware trying to force you to buy a product, subscribe to push notifications, or some other action.
Distributie MethodeFreeware Installations, gebundelde pakketten
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by


Malware Removal Tool

GebruikerservaringWord lid van onze Forum to Discuss – Wat is het?

Why are you experiencing the redirects? Since could be spread via various methods, the reasons may vary. Echter, the most effective distribution technique that spreads these types of redirects across the web is via third-party installation setups. Dergelijke installateurs komen meestal uit gebundelde applicaties en freeware die is verpakt met extra functies, installed alongside other software. Met andere woorden, you could have installed a video converter or some other free program and got your browser settings altered for the redirect to appear. is a web domain that is suspicious because it triggers multiple redirects, and may also prompt users to subscribe to its push notifications. There’s no telling where these redirects could take you but in most cases redirects get you to pages covered in heavy advertising – pop-ups, banners, pushmeldingen, fake alerts. You should be careful if you see that redirect and try not to click anywhere on the newly-opened pages, as you might trigger a hidden download for malware. Als dat gebeurt, you could witness more redirects, opdringerige advertenties, and a series of countless unwanted activities you have no control over.

Note that by visiting the pages associated with this redirect, you might provide data about you and your browsing to third parties in the adware business. There may be plenty of redirects stemming from the domain, making it unstable and certainly unsafe. Also it’s important to remember that, even if your browser is passing through a domain which loads just for a few seconds, dat domein kan nog plant een koekje, malware or acquire information about your computer or your online behavior.

Remove Redirect

To remove manually from your computer, volg de instructies voor het verwijderen stap-voor-stap hieronder. In case the manual removal does not get rid of the redirects and the ads it may trigger, you should use an advanced anti-malware tool. Zo'n programma kan uw computer in de toekomst veilig te houden.


Milena Dimitrova

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