Messenger Virus on Facebook (YouTube Video Spam) - Sådan fjernes

Messenger Virus on Facebook (YouTube Video Spam) - hvordan du fjerner det

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Hvad er Messenger Virus? Hvordan Messenger Virus on Facebook Work? How to remove Messenger Virus from Facebook and get control of your Facebook Account back?

Den Messenger Virus is a part of infection whose main goal is to send atomated messages to victims. These types of messages may be sent to victims containing a virus URL. The main message may pretend that it is in fact a YouTube video of some sort. Men, once opened, the site may ask victims to login to Facebook to see the video, hence stealing their username and password. Read this article to learn more about the Messenger Virus and how you can remove it completely from your computer.

Trussel Summary

NavnMessenger Virus
Type Trojan/Phishing attack
Kort beskrivelseAims to send out automated messages on Facebook to ask victims to open a video.
SymptomerA Facebook Messenger message with an attached URL to it that pretends to be a YouTube video.
DistributionsmetodeMedfølgende downloads. Websider, der kan annoncere det.
Værktøj Detection See If Your System Has Been Affected by Messenger Virus


Værktøj til fjernelse af malware

BrugererfaringTilmeld dig vores forum to Discuss Messenger Virus.

Messenger Virus – Hvordan klarede jeg mig det, og hvad betyder det gøre?

The main method used by the Messenger virus to be spread is likely to replicate different types and forms of scripts once it has compromised a computer. It may also be a Trojan that attacks particularly your Facebook profile. Such Trojans could be spread onto your computer by being sent to you via e-mail, where the virus file could pose as an attachment, ligesom en faktura, a receipt or something of this type.

Another way that you could have gotten the virus is by simply opening the fake YouTube video message. Derfra, the Messenger Virus may activate a virus script, whose primary purpose is to hijack and take control of your computer.

Når, the Messenger Virus infects your computer, Facebook may become the least of your worries. The virus may also do the following malicious activities:

  • Update itself to stay hidden on your computer.
  • Take control over your web browser.
  • Obtain saved passwords from your browser.
  • Obtain details about your System.
  • Obtain information about your IP and Mac addresses.
  • Log the keys you type on your keyboard.
  • Tag screenshots.

Når Messenger Virus is added to your computer, you may not initially notice it. The main idea of the Messenger Virus is to get users to click on the message. Derfra, a fake login screen may appear that looks like the following:

The main idea of this may be to steal your username and password via Phishing attacks. Only one more reason why you should immediately remove Messenger Virus from your computer.

Remove Messenger Virus from Your Machine

In order to get rid of Messenger Virus, bør du følge nedenstående trin. They have been made to help you isolate and remove the virus files of this malware step by step. If you want a faster and more automated removal, however we do recommend that you download and run a scan of your computer by using an advanced malware removal software. Such program has the capability of automatically detecting and removing Messenger Virus and other threats like it fully and swiftly plus protect you against future viruses just like it.


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