Page Marker CPU Miner Virus - Hvordan du fjerner det fra Windows

Side Marker CPU Browser Miner Virus – Hvordan du fjerner det fra Windows

Denne artikel er blevet oprettet med det formål at forklare what tis the Page Marker Firefox add-on and how to stop it from running a miner process which loads more than 50% af din CPU.

En ny cryptocurrency minearbejder, that is hidden well within a suspicious web page, which pretends to be a Firefox update has been detected in the wild. The fake update installs a browser extension for Firefox, kaldet Side Marker. It’s primary purpose is to run a JavaScript code which begins to use the CPU of your computer in order to mine for anonymous cryptocurrencies. If you have the Page Marker file extension added on your web browser, we recommend that you read the following article and learn how to remove Page Marker from your PC completely.

Trussel Summary

NavnSide Marker
TypeBrowser Extension / Cryptocurrency Miner
Kort beskrivelseRuns a JavaScript code which directly connects your PC to a mining pool and begins loading over 50% of your CPU to mine for cryptocurrencies.
SymptomerYour computer may become sluggish, freeze at times and even stop functioning completely, until yo restart it.
Distributionsmetode Via browser redirects that display a “Firefox kræver en manuel opdatering” which displays a pop-up to install the plugin.
Værktøj Detection See If Your System Has Been Affected by Page Marker


Værktøj til fjernelse af malware

BrugererfaringTilmeld dig vores forum to Discuss Page Marker.

Page Marker Miner – Hvordan har jeg det

The main method of propagation of Page Marker “Virus” is via a fake pop-up which displays a web page, pretending to be the latest Mozilla Firefox update. The web page asks the victim to add Page Marker to your web browser along with the “opdatering”. Here is how the web page looks like:

After the extension is added to your web browser, all that is left for it is to begin causing trouble to your computer. I øjeblikket, the two primary ways, by which your computer could have received a redirect to the fake update page are via:

  • Clicking on an online advertisement.
  • Downloading an adware program which displayed it as a redirect.

Side Marker – Mere information

As soon as Page Marker is installed on your computer system the program aims to run a JavaScript code. This code aims to connect your computer via your web browser to a so-called mining pool, which kind of looks like the image below displays:

Such mining pools are combined virtual power so that more of cryptocurrencies, like Monero or BitCoin are generated on the victim’s computer. Som forventet, the hackers behind the Page Marker app aim to link as many computers as possible to their cryptocurrency wallet, so that they can have more hashing power. The more hashing power they have, the faster they will mine for the cryptocurrency via this mining pool. What is good for them is that the mining pools have an exact amount which is credited and their profits are guaranteed so they have the incentive to infect more computers this way.

The negative consequences for you and your computer may be many, since the Page Marker app, is granted access to all of the websites you visit. This makes it possible for the app to use cookies to track different information on your PC, såsom:

  • Your e-mails
  • Din IP-adresse
  • Your visited sites.
  • What is your browser type and version.
  • What operating system you are running.
  • What is your computer’s hardware.
  • Online clicks and searches.
  • Anything that you type on your browser
  • If you see the Page Marker app, generally you will also see that your computer will slow down. This is because of the miner that is running in the background. Such software uses the processing power of your computer In order to generate profits to the cyber-crooks. The risks for your PC and you are many and if this virus remains for longer periods of time on your PC, it may even break down your CPU or other PC components due to overusing them.

    How to Remove Page Marker Cryptocurrency Miner Extension

    Since Page Marker is a file extension, it’s removal may not be that complicated and should be fully achievable by following the removal instructions down below. If you still see high CPU usage, however experts recommend to avoid manual removal and to eliminate this virus automatically by scanning your computer with an advanced anti-malware software. Such program will make sure that you remove all of the malicious files, related to this malware and protects your system against future programs like this.


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